Watkins Bail Bonds Introduces Trustworthy Bail Services Available 24/7

Watkinsbailbonds.com launches bail bonds, clear warrants and live scan services on a 24/7 basis to aid defendants in need.

Reporting for the online legal guide www.avvo.com Criminal Defense Attorney Howard Bailey stresses the importance of defendants making the correct bail. In his article entitled “Understanding Cash Only Bail, 10% Options and Bondsmen” Mr. Bailey writes, “When a judge has set bail, this generally means that it can be posted in a variety of ways on behalf of the defendant to guarantee their release. Unfortunately, in many cases, neither the defendant nor their family members has this amount of money on hand.”

Howard Bailey states, “When one is unable to post bail on their own, arrangements can be made to post the full amount set by the judge with the assistance of a bail bondsman. These arrangements generally come with a re-payment plan, that includes a set commission as their fee. As with any financial situation, consumers should contact several bail bondsman companies to obtain information on their services and to compare the terms that they offer. It is also wise to ask your lawyer to recommend a bail bondsman or speak to others who have recently been in your situation.”

Meeting the needs of defendants and their families who wish to help them make bail is the firm of Watkins Bail Bonds. Spokesperson Jerald Watkins describes their mission, “We are the Bail Bondsman San Diego and Vista, CA residents can look to in their hour of need. Our company understands the plight of defendants who just do not have the financial resources of their own to post bail. To remedy this scenario, our agents are available on a 24/7 basis to answer questions and provide bail services.”

Jerald Watkins elaborates, “At Watkins Bail Bonds we offer a variety of payment options. These options include cash, western union, money gram, personal checks, checks by phone and major credit cards. For those who qualify, our company also provides generous payment plans with interest free financing. As Vista CA Bail Bonds experts, we are proud to be able to provide our extensive bail services not just in this area, but for all of Southern California.”

“We are the Bail Bondsman Vista area defendants can depend upon for other important services as well.” Mr. Watkins explains, “Our company has the ability to clear warrants so that defendants do not have to be placed into custody. We advise that if a warrant was issued for the arrest of a loved one, please contact us immediately so we can begin to work on the case.”

Jerald Watkins adds, “As any attorney will tell you, the bail bonds company you work with does make a difference. We are experienced in helping our clients make bail, so that they can get out of jail in a timely manner. This is because Watkins Bail Bonds understands the many and varied complexities of the judicial system.”

About Watkins Bail Bonds:

This bail bonds company has over a decade of experience working with defendants to post bail, clear warrants and perform live scans for fingerprint digitalization. Operating seven days a week, 24 hours a day, their representatives work with clients using the most professional and confidential means possible. With a headquarters in San Diego, they additionally serve Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

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