Washington State Pest Control Firm Launches Tacoma Area Service

The Western Washington pest control firm, Day and Knight Pest Control, has launched a new service. Focused on controlling pests in and around Tacoma, the service is highly specialized.

The Washington pest control firm Day and Knight Pest Control has announced service in and around the city of Tacoma, WA. Dennis Day, owner operator of Day and Knight, has over thirty years of experience in pest control and extermination procedures. Although the business has been in operation for many years, services have been focused primarily in the Seattle metro area and its surrounding neighborhoods.

"Extending our service area to Tacoma and beyond just seemed to make good sense, and the timing seemed right," says Mr. Day. "Our technicians know and understand the types of pests found throughout Western Washington, including rodents, bedbugs, and any other type of nuisance creature you can think of."

Coinciding with Day and Knight's extension of service to the Tacoma area is the creation of a new website that focuses on that area. Mr. Day stated that his goal with the new site was to "provide area specific information" regarding Tacoma pest control issues that residents of the area face on a regular basis. Included on the new website are articles and features on topics such as how to find and hire an exterminator, insect pest control in Tacoma, eliminating odorous house ants, and how to control bedbugs. The website can be accessed at the URL www.tacomapestcontrol.org.

When asked why residents of Tacoma should consider hiring his firm, Mr. Day referred to several facets of his business that other exterminators either do not offer or might charge extra for.

"First off, we guarantee our results," Mr. Day stated. "We work every time. And, we will match any competitor's coupon or written offer, without question. We'll come and inspect your situation for free, and we provide all our pest elimination services without requiring a lengthy contract. Our clients really appreciate that."

Another aspect of Mr. Day's service that he says sets his firm apart is insulation decontamination.

"People always ask me about that," said Mr. Day. "Simply stated, when insects or vermin contaminate your insulation, you only have two choices- pull it all out, or decontaminate it. Most other companies won't go to the effort of decontamination. They want to replace, and replacing your insulation is a lot more expensive. We come in, completely clean up your insulation, and save you the mess and expense of having to completely replace it. It's what makes us stand out from other pest elimination services."

Mr. Day stated that he has already received a warm welcome, and many phone inquiries about his service, from residents of the Tacoma area.

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