Washburn Law Firm, PLLC Launches a New Immigration Law Website

The site serves to educate the public on issues related to immigration, announces 4USAImmigration.com

Washburn Law Firm, PLLC launches a new Immigration Law website, designed to educate the public on issues related to immigration, as the firm understands this is a topic on the mind of many. The firm maintains offices in Asheville, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina to assist individuals with matters relating to immigration. As this topic continues to heat up, the website will be a great resource for individuals who have questions regarding moving to the United States.

"As the Denver Post recently reported, there is no way to know what the Supreme Court would do in the event Donald Trump becomes president and follows through on his statement that he would close the country's borders to all Muslims. As the president and Congress have both had wide discretion when it comes to this volatile topic, many are worried what an action of this type may lead to in the future, with some experts believing the banning of all Muslims would not be unconstitutional," Jack Munsey, spokesperson for the Washburn Law Firm, announces.

In the past, the United States government denied visas to certain categories of individuals, including those who were born to parents who weren't married and those who were Marxists. Never has the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, struck down any immigration classification based on race or any other reason, as Peter Shapiro, an immigration expert at Temple University, explains. Other experts disagree, however, stating the court would never allow a president to ban a group based on religious reasons, as this would violate religious freedom provisions found in the constitution.

"As a result of these differing opinions, many individuals fear they may be denied entry to the country in the future. This is especially true during times of war, as the government did prohibit Chinese laborers from entering the country in the 1800s and also allow Japanese-Americans to be put into internment camps during World War II. As many are now saying America is in a war against Islamic extremists, this could lead to certain groups, such as Muslims, to be banned legally," Munsey continues.

Immigration lawyers work to ensure those who wish to enter the country may do so. Whether a person wishes to obtain a visa or work permit, wants to obtain permanent citizenship or would like to take advantage of the immigration executive order, an immigration attorney can be of assistance. Individuals find these laws to be very complicated, and a single mistake may delay or halt the process entirely.

"Contact our office today so we can assist you in getting the paperwork needed to come to America. The initial consultation is free and we speak Spanish, to assist those who choose to communicate in their native language. Everyone wishing to come to America should have the opportunity to do so, and we work to make that dream a reality," Munsey declares.

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