Warwick Analytics Launches First Commercial Automated Information Retrieval System

Warwick Analytics have released the first commercially available Automated Information Retrieval (“AIR”) software.

Predictive Analytics specialists, Warwick Analytics have released the first commercially available Automated Information Retrieval (“AIR”) software. The system is the first information retrieval software of its kind, automatically converting unstructured data from disparate sources to structured information for analysis.

Data scientists, according to recent estimates in the NY Times, spend from 50 to 80 percent of their time mired in the manual labour of collecting and preparing unruly digital data, before it can be explored for useful nuggets. At Warwick Analytics however, the majority of these manual processes are automated, providing dramatic time savings.

In addition, the risk of missing useful insight buried within complex data due to either human error or it simply not being obvious will be eliminated.

Within the software, hundreds of proprietary pattern-recognition and transformation algorithms recognise, extract and structure signals from all different types of unstructured and semi-structured data. The proprietary technology locates the most relevant patterns from within these data – automating the most time-consuming elements in preparing data for analysis.

Warwick Analytics spun-out from The University of Warwick and its technology has emerged following more than 10 years of academic and later commercial research. It has already been used to extract and enrich information in pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics and aerospace sectors: It has analysed everything from maintenance reports to computer error codes and web logs. In one automotive company it was even able to find the root cause of an issue without a hypothesis from some patterns in a text field above and beyond the parametric structured data provided.

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics says: “Unstructured and semi-structured data accounts for 90 percent of all data whether text, social media, images or web logs. This explosion has created a huge problem for data scientists to marshal the right data so it can be visualised and analysed. For the first time there is a practical solution that works dynamically with such data, providing the most accurate and current insight available."

“We are hugely excited to be making such a powerful analytics tool commercially available.”

Professor Mark Girolami, Professor of Statistics at The University of Warwick is also excited by the potential: “Solving this problem in a non-prescriptive way has been a very hard problem to crack, but one with enormous benefits to the data science and analysts community.”

Warwick Analytics’ products are based on sophisticated algorithms that allow companies to automatically resolve product faults and process failures.

Warwick Analytics’ patented technology (“RCASE” – Root Cause Analysis Solver Engine) is developed from more than a decade of academic research. The Company has offices in the UK, Germany, Taiwan and the US.

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