Walsh University Announces Online MBA Program

University seeks to offer opportunities to help busy adults further their education and improve their career outlook.

11/29/19- Earning a Master's Degree in Business Administration offers a greater level of career flexibility than other types of degrees. Unfortunately, those who want to pursue this type of degree are often busy with their families and careers, making class attendance arduous. Thankfully, universities like Walsh University are stepping up to the plate and making getting an MBA much easier than ever before.

The average income of students entering an MBA degree is around $58,000. Upon graduating with an MBA, individuals can see up to a 240% increase in salary with averages hovering around $140,000 a year. Most people who pursue a Master's Degree in Business Administration do so because they want to be able to further their career options and make more money.

With an online MBA program, students can take all the necessary courses in the comfort of their own home. There is no required class seating and no GMAT requirement. Many adults are already bogged down with their responsibilities and simply do not have time to sit through long lectures. With the flexibility offered by these online programs, students are more likely to succeed in finishing the program and graduating with a degree.

Depending on their prior education, some students can graduate in as little as one year, affording them the opportunity to seek better career choices or rise in rank at their current employment. The program requires 36 credit hours and everything is completed online, even testing.

It is important to note that students can choose to take up to two eight-week courses at a time. Students can also choose to concentrate their studies with one of four options. Healthcare management, data analytics, management, and marketing are all available.

Varied course topics are available in the online program and include information systems, marketing, and organ behavior and communication. Students who graduate from the program can go on to seek employment as a chief technology officer, computer and information systems manager, financial manager, and many more.

Walsh University was named the 2019 Best Online Program by U.S. News and World Report. They have also been honored with the distinction of being named a 2019 Best MBA in Healthcare Management by OnlineMasters.com. Walsh consistently receives awards and accolades because of their driven desire to help students achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. This university offers one of the most flexible online programs in the United States and continues to rise above other online programs.

Walsh offers six intakes a year so there is always an opportunity for enrollment. Spring courses will begin on January 7, 2020, so it is important students start the enrollment process as soon as possible. Visiting the website will allow prospective students to learn about the enrollment requirements and the costs of enrollment. There is financial aid available for qualifying students, and there are also payment options that make the costs of the program much easier to manage.

The university also offers other online programs, including BA, Communications, BBA, MSN, DNP, and Information Science. Speaking with a counselor will allow prospective students to learn more about their options. With this online program, students receive all the tools they need for success so they can graduate and go on to pursue their career dreams.

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