W3 Shield Rebuilds Website From Ground Up With New, Corporate Focus

W3 Shield has been providing online and website security for years, and has redesigned their website to attract those most in need - corporate and multinational clients increasingly under threat.

Online security is a more pressing issue now than ever before, with online attacks continually reaching all-time highs as everything from governmental intrusion to competitors trying to mine for information use cyber attacks to strip away a website’s security and access the information hidden within servers. This information is often sensitive including accounts, customer lists and internal documentation. W3 Shield are experts at negating the risk from this emerging threat, and they have just redesigned their website from the ground up to reflect the growing business clientele that has become their core client base.

The website security company’s new website features a high end graphic design orientated approach, with interactive design features such as roll-over animations, sliding windows and snappy descriptions accompanied by explanatory iconography that allows visitors to quickly understand the nature of their services without reading reams of text.

The speed with which an individual can get to grips with W3 is of benefit to them, as business customers are given to making their decisions fast. The company provide everything from top flight security systems to website penetration testing services, wherein white hat hackers will simulate an attack on a website in order to test the strength of current security and identify areas of weakness. No business is safe from this type of attack and W3 Shield has been amazing prospective clients with how easily they can penetrate their systems.

A spokesperson for W3 Shield explained, “The truth is that individuals often do not require the scale of online and website security we provide, where corporations are increasingly finding that information scavengers, trolls and corporate saboteurs are impinging upon their accessible online data and often finding information which could be used to compromise client confidentiality, prospective sales or ongoing contracts. Another breed of corporate threat is the hacker who takes pleasure in destroying a business’s infrastructure and records purely for the fun of it. We have been successful in using white-hat hackers to stress-test our online security solutions to ensure they are the strongest available on the net.”

About W3 Shield:
W3 Shield is a website security company. They secure servers, networks and websites for almost any platform, including private, corporate and multinational clients. They also have real white-hat hackers on their team to perform penetration tests, script testing, malware removal and a lot more, putting the weapons of the enemy into customers’ hands to strengthen their protection.

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