VPN Streamer Australia Launches To Provide A Solution To Australia’s Data Retention Legislation

VPN Streamer Australia has been created in response to Australia’s invasive data retention legislation, offering people a way to conduct their lives online while maintaining their privacy.

Virtual Private Networks allow individuals to browse the internet anonymously through encrypted connections and proxy servers, which guarantees their activities will not be traced back to them and that their activities are truly private. This is especially important to people in Australia after the government signed into law legislation that allowed them to track everything people do online, which has already led to mass convictions for piracy in the ‘Dallas Buyers’ Club’ fiasco. VPN Streamer is a website that helps people secure the right VPN for their needs allowing them to use the internet both safely and anonymously.

Having reviewed hundreds of providers and updated those reviews as the services themselves have evolved, VNP Streamer has now created a list of the Top 10 VPN Services for Australians, which charts the very best, fastest, and most private connection services money can buy, with a special section on affordability.

What’s more, the site offers insight as to the best free VPN service available, so those who do not want to invest but still want to stream movies and TV, or simply stay anonymous online, can do so without having to put down so much as a dollar.

A spokesperson for VPN Streamer Australia explained, “The invasion and eradication of our online privacy in this country is one of the most backwards moves the government has made in a long time, and is something people are willing to take action to oppose. A VPN enables individuals to take that action quickly and easily, and for less than they might think. Our website has been created to be an invaluable resource to Australians looking for the very best VPN services, or even just to find out about their capabilities and advantages. The site is regularly updated, and we look forward to seeing more new visitors understand the value of a VPN.”

About VPN Streamer Australia: VPN Streamer is Australia's hub for staying private and safe online. VPN streamer reviews all the best VPN services to help Australian's find out which service is best for them. The site is regularly updated by a dedicated team of reviewers and researchers, to ensure it features the latest and best solutions for Australians looking to safely and privately conduct their affairs online.

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