VP Legacies Enters Denver Drone Videography Market Producing Aerial Drone Videos To Tell Stories From The Skies

VP Legacies has officially begun offering aerial videography in the greater Denver Metro Area in Colorado. Aerial drone videography services will enable the company to continue to help businesses tell their stories and foster personal connections from a unique, aerial perspective.

VP Legacies was founded in Denver, Colorado on one simple ideal, personal connection. In order to achieve this ideal and create a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect we are always looking at what the best storytelling avenues and techniques are available. Therefore, in order to add even more value to our past, current and future clients we have built out a service specializing in drone videography in Denver and wherever the skies take us.

Storytelling is all about showcasing an experience from different and unique perspectives. The creation of aerial videography to easily capture high quality aerial videos has given us the ability to have a literal “big picture” perspective for storytelling, not to mention that drones are really cool. Aerial video footage provides even more insight to what a company is, who the people are and most importantly why the company exists.

We are starting by showcasing personal connection through drone videography in the Denver area, but plan to fly all over the world telling the stories of the skies. By doing this we will be able to capture stories that only a bird’s eye perspective can even dream of capturing. Visual aspects of distance, camera movement and subject activity are extremely important to utilizing drones to tell the stories of the skies. The simple placement of one character in relation to another becomes very symbolic in addition to their movement within the aerial frame being captured. Being able to capture the beauty of the city of Denver paired against the majestic Rocky Mounts simply by changing altitude levels with the drone creates its own dichotomy.

Aerial videography is a symbol of the endless possibilities and potential of storytelling.
Using 4k drone footage to show the “big picture” from above gives us the ability to create emotional depth with the subject i.e. business location, vehicles, logo on ground, for businesses to showcase their stories from the sky. One of the biggest problems with the video medium since its inception has been the ceiling a tripod’s maximum height has created on the tallest perspective you are able to get a shot without either going to the top of a building or taking an aerial vehicle to capture an image. Now all we have to do is go through a less than 5-minute drone videography setup and we can be capturing your aerial story in minutes.

Drone footage is part of the process of cinematography, the act, art and process of capturing visual media assets to tell your story. Drone footage helps in creating a visual look of your story and to capture the essence of your story. Using a combination of aerial video production tracking shots, follow shots and aerial tripod shots the ceiling of the traditional tripod has lifted to hundreds and hundreds of feet above our heads.

With years of storytelling and video production experience in Denver along with an efficient and effective post-production system, VP Legacies is well equipped to deliver the best aerial videos. Since our company was founded on personal connection, we believe in creating this with everything we do. Therefore, in order to best tell the stories of our clients we have created a well-organized, efficient and effective visual media asset system just waiting for an aerial video perspective to be filed away. This media is always easily accessible to tell your story, therefore, if we want to take more aerial videography three months from now, six months from now or a year plus from now, we can easily pair all of the aerial video assets together to tell a complete story from the sky over a period of time.

Video production is always changing, but the needs of our clients always come first. Therefore, we are here to serve you with all of your storytelling needs to create a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect. Drone videos are our new tool in our storytelling arsenal. Virtual reality is slowly following suit. Maintaining the digital visual media history of your story no matter what the medium is something we always aim to do no matter what. Stories matter. You matter.

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