Vote on Trump and Biden Candidacy with your wallet at featuring meme contest and derivatives coming soon

Bet on the Trump and Biden Candidacy with Election2020.Bid featuring meme contests, and coming soon, derivative options for both Trump and Biden.

To make the contest more exciting, here is another contest, but this time between the Donald Trump coin and the Joe Biden coin!
This election year promises to be an exciting contest between two heavyweights in American politics. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates appear to have made strong impressions and have considerable followings. is pleased to announce a fun way to participate in the eagerly awaited elections this year. The coins for each candidate can be bought to represent one’s vote or favored candidate to win. The liquidity of the losing candidate will be transferred to that of the winning candidate after the results are announced. To make the contest even more exciting, derivative options are coming soon, so participants can go long or short on either Trump or Biden!. They also plan to release decentralized derivatives contracts which allows for users to bet using $ETH and $DAI on both Trump and Biden which will feature both money line bets and over and under odds.

Both the Trump Coin (TRMP) and the Biden Coin (BIDN) are ERC20 tokens and compiled using Solidity 0.4.26. Each has a total supply of 150 million, thus totaling the approximate population of the US. The tokens can be easily bought with a swap service from Uniswap. The developers hold about 4.33% of each coin.

The game works in a simple way: if the TRMP and BIDN pools each have 500 ETH, and if Trump wins, then the liquidity of the BIDN pool will be transferred to the TRMP pool, taking it to 1000 ETH. The website for the game shows all relevant information for each coin in clear panels – price, liquidity, volume and transaction details and the total liquidity for each coin.

The results of the election, expected in November 2020, will be derived from reports from MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. Once each has reported the winner, the transfer of liquidity will occur instantly. Anyone can play this game, from Las Vegas, Macau, and New Jersey to Monte Carlo or Monaco.

Also coming up is a meme competition. The Discord channel for Election2020 will host the contest for the best Trump meme and the best Biden meme. The best meme for each candidate will receive 1.0ETH each.

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