VoIPTones Highlights Grasshopper As One Of The Leading PBX VoIP Providers

VoIPTones Reviews Grasshopper as One of Editor’s Choices for Best Virtual PBX VoIP Providers.

When it comes to the number of opportunities businesses have to give customers a good impression, they get only one chance. A customer calling a company only to have the phone answered hurriedly by an out-of-breath, stressed, or inarticulate employee can be an immediate turn off. And, if that isn’t enough, the shouting to get another employee’s attention, the music playing in the background when one is placed on hold, or the full or non-personalized voicemail box detracts from the experience as well. VoIP phone services can provide a more professional first impression that allows small business owners to address these issues.

Virtual PBX, refers to a cloud-based private branch exchange, otherwise understood as the ability to access multiple people through a single phone number. It’s become a preferred option of communication of small businesses in recent years allowing them to receive voice calls, voicemails, faxes, conference calls, automated greetings, and multi-department calls without the need to purchase and install their own PBX hardware on site. Whereas it was formerly easy to tell the difference between calling smaller companies and larger corporations in the past due to the lack of sophistication of the telephone systems, PBX software makes telling the difference virtually impossible. It also makes having access to such a system no longer cost-prohibitive as many PBX VoIP plans are available at reasonable monthly rates depending on usage.

In terms of different providers of PBX VoIP services, there are many from which to choose. In fact, on the VoIPTones website, they recently posted a Grasshopper review of one such service. The review refers to Grasshopper as the entrepreneur’s phone system, particularly ideal for those starting out or with a limited staff. They highlight how for just $24.99 a month, the customer not only gets both a free toll-free and local number, but also 500 minutes per month and unlimited extensions as well. It’s also said the Massachusetts-based company has more than 100,000 customers and has been profiled in such high-profile newspapers and magazines as New York Times, Forbes, Inc, Business Insider as well as on the Huffington Post. That, coupled with a 4 out of 5 rating means they must be doing something right.

“We’ve all heard the saying, “image is everything.” When it comes to your business, many times it’s the first contact with your business that determines whether you’ll land a client or whether they’ll move on to someone else. At a critical stage in which you’re growing your business, it’s nice to know you can do so without putting out lots of money on expensive phones or having to pay a secretary to operate a switchboard. VoIP services can give the impression you could easily afford to! If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, check out the many VoIP phone service company reviews like Grasshopper to learn how they may be able to help your company grow!” - VoIPTones

About VoIPTones: Founded in New York, this site aims to provide qualified reviews of PBX VoIP providers and the quality of their services from an impartial perspective. They desire to become the go-to resource for comprehensive reviews of established and qualified VoIP providers and their services, to include factors such as price, customer service, and features.

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