VividLite Introduces Wireless Lighting to Save Money and Time at Events

The majority of time spent at events in setting up lighting involves finding or creating the right power sources and plugging all the lights into these sources. With wireless LED lighting from VividLite, customers can cut down significantly on the amount of time required to set up for any event.

Lighting setup can take a great deal of time before a large event. Not only do all the lights have to be located in their correct spots but cables must be run to the nearest power source or generator to power them. This can result in not only unsightly and dangerous piles of cables but also in a great deal of time spent in setup and teardown. Now, VividLite is cutting the amount of time required to set up and take down lights with its new wireless lighting options. And the wireless nature of these fixtures means that unsightly or unsafe bundles of power cords snaking toward outlets are no longer an issue.

Customers can choose from different models of wireless LED lighting such as the VL3X Wireless LED fixture seen at!/~/product/category=473145&id=24854534, which can be attached to any pole, tree or other object, or the standalone VL2S Wireless LED fixture as seen at!/~/product/category=473145&id=25453423 which can be placed on any table or surface for instant easy lighting. These LED wireless models allow users to create a soft glow or a bright, penetrating light, depending on what is needed for a particular event. Color can also be added with gels or other additions to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

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About VividLite: VividLite is a company that produces wireless LED fixtures in a wide range of colors for lighting of ballrooms, landscapes, homes and other areas. With quality light products for both professionals and non-professionals alike, the company's LED fixtures are extremely easy to set up and operate and handle a variety of lighting applications with up to 15 hours of maximum brightness from high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

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