Viviana Grunert Releases Printable To-Do Lists For Holiday Planners

74% of vacationers forget to put something in the luggage, and this causes stress. Viviana Grunert presents the new Flower To-Do Lists to organize your holidays, manage the suitcase, plan destinations and make important decisions

Summer is coming, and it's time to plan holidays. A few days away from daily routine, traffic, stress, work trouble. An opportunity to recharge and take time to do what people love most. According to a survey by VGFlowerStudio, 74% of vacationers forget to pack something. In 43% of cases it’s about a basic asset, such as whites, in 26% it’s about bathroom products, instead the 18%, forget clothes that they would have liked to wear during the holidays. For more than 50% of interviewed, this inadvertence causes stress.

For next summer, an essential help comes from Viviana Grunert, mother, manager and woman with a thousand commitments, who has been helping many people to bring order back from chaos, promoting the to-do list system.

"The to-do lists represent a system as valid as it is simple to organize all the commitments, without going crazy, even if generally they are used very little." - said Viviana Grunert - "I use successfully this method since I was at university. Many colleagues of the course, seeing all the projects that I was able to carry on, without ever seeming too tired, asked me for help, so I decided to create a sort of online boutique dedicated to the Flower to-do lists”.

"About 85% of the users of my boutique" – keep on Viviana Grunert - "is composed of women, struggling with work, children, husband, dog, parents, in-laws. And now the holidays are coming, with the suitcase for yourself, for the children, the house to fix before departure. Women have extraordinary strength, but a small support never hurts."

The new summer-themed to-do lists are now available: “My Packing List”, to manage the suitcase of the whole family without stress; “Travelling Wish List”, to plan the goals of the next trips, entering everyone’s preferences; “Decision Planner”, to make the most important decisions, listing the various pros and cons. All the to-do lists are available at

Viviana Grunert is a home stylist, founder of VGFlowerStudio who has been helping people organize their lives through To-Do Lists for years. She is co-founder of Bruno Editore, the publishing house that brought the ebooks to Italy in 2002. She is the author of the book "The New Law of Attraction", translated into 4 languages ​​and became Amazon's Bestseller worldwide. She is a speaker at prestigious training events and was a guest of TG4 TV to talk about the new profession of "Home Stylist". She handle "Dettagli di Stile" blog where she shares in-depth articles on home styling and where he often anticipates new trends for the home. Info and press review on

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