Virtual Helper 247 Plans to Scale from 70 Staff to 150 by end of 2015

Get things done while watching business grow with the help of virtual assistants

Being the one-man-team behind any online business is not going to be as rosy as one may expect. There’s a lot to do, loads of new industry trends to keep up with, not to mention the competitors to outrun! Sometimes, all the work piled up would require one to go on superhuman mode which in the long run, would not be very helpful especially for those who have a family to spend quality time with. That’s where Virtual Helper 247 comes in – to tell business owners that they can stop what they’re doing right now because VH247 can take over from here.

Virtual Helper 247 is an Australian-owned company that provides top notch and professional virtual assistant services to the global business community. Virtual Helper 247 makes everyone’s daydreams of having someone else to do all their daily tasks a reality. They provide virtual assistants that business owners can easily get in touch with in a snap! Okay, maybe not a literal snap of a finger but a quick click on the mouse or a tap on their mobile devices, which is much easier!

With operations in the Philippines and Hong Kong, over 70 staff, and more than 700 monthly paying customers and growing, Virtual Helper 247 has definitely become one of the fastest growing VA services company today since their launch in August 2014 that offers web-based services at reasonably priced rates on a monthly basis without a contract.

But this doesn't just stop here, Virtual Helper 247 plans to increase staff count to 150 by end of 2015 and possibly 300 staff by mid 2016.

One of the challenges that business owners face today is not having all the skills and knowledge that needs to get brands noticed. There are those who need new banner designs for websites but don’t have the graphic designing skills for it.

Those who are too busy to complete their e-newsletter list for sales leads. Those who need to improve traffic on websites to get more visitors. Those that need creative and engaging content to post on social media platforms and blogs to get people intrigued enough to check out what is offered. And those who simply need a video added to a website but can’t figure out how to do it because of lack of ninja techie skills.

Virtual Helper 247 has everyone every business owner needs - from graphic artists, to web developers, writers, data entry, audio transcribers, video editors, as well as social media managers and SEO experts. And if it’s not on the list, Virtual Helper 247 puts it on the list.

VH247’s professional Virtual Assistants are always willing to learn and are continuously being trained with new skills to be able to accommodate more clients. Clients can even choose from a range of VA packages so they can personalize their VA experience. They can have one, two, or three virtual assistants depending on the services they need.

Everyone at Virtual Helper 247 can communicate in very good English, making it easier for clients to discuss project details with their virtual assistants. Time difference is also not a problem because the VAs are available to work around the clock so customers can communicate instructions and other concerns regarding projects effectively.

With over a hundred five-star reviews for their highly-skilled professional VAs on their Facebook page, business owners can rest assured that Virtual Helper 247 can deliver the high quality services they are looking for at the fraction of the cost.

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