VIP Trade Bot Introduces AI-Powered Bot For Automated Crypto Trading

VIP Trade Bot recently launched an AI-empowered Arbitrage Trading Bot for Automated Crypto Trading.

VIP Trade Bot recently launched an AI-empowered Arbitrage Trading Bot for Automated Crypto Trading. The company claims that the Bot generates up to 50% of profits per month.

The Arbitrage Trading Bot is programmed to trade for profit automatically. By buying at low and selling at high, the Arbitrage Bot ensures that that registered trader earns profits. Another feature is Smart Selling System, where the Bot constantly monitors each market and its AI technology detects and buys the dip. VIP Trade Bot's AI makes use of these highly volatile currencies and trades for up to 50% monthly.

Cryptocurrencies are known to be very volatile, with dramatic price fluctuations within a very short period, and the market goes on for 24 hours non-stop, so it becomes even more difficult to monitor the market manually. Traders often lose money to these fluctuations as they either place their bets at wrong prices, or they're not quick enough to react to the sudden price changes. Heavy traffic on exchanges may further slowdown the transactions, increasing transaction time and therefore, intensify their problems.

These issues in the manual crypto trading have popularized the use of Trading Bots to a great extent among traders. Arbitrage Trading Bot serves the traders just right with its highly effective AI-powered trade execution at the right levels.

Arbitrage Trading Bot is easy to log in and set up with its super interactive UI. Traders get three options while setting up their bots: Light, Medium, and Heavy. While Light Bot is free of cost, Medium and Heavy Bot come with nominal fees. The company claims that the profits generated from the Bot would be worth the price a trader has to pay while setting his Bot. The Light, Medium, and Heavy plans again have options of choosing the plans for 30, 180, or 365 days. The trader is free to choose and plan that deems fit and take profits home accordingly.

Arbitrage Bot trades in Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that is growing at an overwhelming rate and is starting to be named as the new 'Bitcoin' of the market. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the platform; among cryptocurrencies, it is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization. Ethereum was invented in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin. If we look at the price chart for Ethereum, the crypto token rose from 49$ in 2017 to 3559$ presently.

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