Viola Law Firm P.C. Is Representing Bay Area Clients in Complex Family Law Disputes

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The law firm has been successfully representing Bay Area clients for almost 30 years. They specialize in complex family law disputes and civil litigation, handling cases related to divorce, child custody, paternity, parental rights, and more.

Family law cases can take an enormous emotional toll on those affected by the events at hand. The sensitive nature of many of these cases makes it important to work with a law firm that can not only handle the legal challenges ahead but also give clients the personal touch and support they need to get through this period of their lives. And that’s exactly what Viola Law Firm P.C. does for its clients.

As the law firm’s website explains: “When families are broken apart and traumatized, Viola Law Firm digs in to reduce that trauma while guiding our clients through the maze of legal processes they face. […] Divorce and family law issues are extremely personal. As your lawyers, we can provide much-needed perspective while working hard for your best interests.”

Located in San Mateo, California, Viola Law Firm P.C. serves clients in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California. The law firm has been in operation for almost 30 years now, and they count on a team of seasoned family law attorneys who are ready to help clients looking for a divorce attorney, as can be seen on Their team has over 80 years of combined legal experience, working not only in cases related to family law but also in personal injury and wrongful death cases, as well as cases related to business and real estate disputes.

Viola Law Firm P.C. practices law in a wide variety of areas related to family law, including:
● Child Custody and Visitation
● Spousal Support
● Divorce and Marital Dissolution
● Domestic Partnerships
● Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse
● Paternity and Parental Rights
● Postnuptial Agreements
● Private Judging for Family Law Cases
● Property Settlement
● And more

Family law cases don’t always go to trial. It’s fairly common for disputes to be resolved through negotiation, mediation, and other out-of-court conflict resolution methods. However, Viola Law Firm P.C. will prepare as if their client’s case is going to trial, even if it seems unlikely to go that far. As the law firm explains: “Preparing for trial helps us uncover the strengths and weaknesses of our case, as well as the other side’s, which allows us to negotiate from a position of strength.”

This hard work and due diligence are some of the reasons behind the law firm’s long history of successful cases, which is reflected in the long list of client success stories and positive client testimonials found on the law firm’s website. And while family law is the firm’s specialty, they also have a history of success in cases related to personal injury, business litigation, real estate, and more.

Viola Law Firm P.C. works to ensure clear communication and accessibility to their clients, offering honest guidance while doing their best to give clients realistic expectations about the road ahead, and what challenges they should expect.

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Name: Viola Law Firm P.C.
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Organization: Viola Law Firm P.C.
Address: 441 First Ave San Mateo CA 94401
Phone: 650-532-9389

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Name: Viola Law Firm P.C.
Email: Send Email
Organization: Viola Law Firm P.C.
Address: 441 First Ave San Mateo CA 94401