VinoTru Launches New Brand With New Wine Vacuum Pump, Promising Long Last Wine Freshness

The new wine vacuum pump can effectively reseal a wine bottle even after corking, allowing drinkers to preserve fine wine for longer.

The flavor of wine is a delicate and mercurial beast, and is best enjoyed when the wine has been allowed to aerate for 15-20 minutes, whereupon the tannins oxidize to bring out the flavor. In wines older than 8 years, no more than five minutes should be left before the flavor deteriorates. To avoid flavor deteriorating in bottles that wish to be sipped and preserved, VinoTru have created a new, innovative product that creates a vacuum seal in the neck, essentially returning the wine to its original state before being uncorked, preserving it far longer than a typical stopper.

The wine vacuum pump promises up to five days of flavor preservation after corking, as tested by connoisseurs. Due to its price, life, ease of use and one year guarantee, the product promises to be the most affordable and elegant solution to preventing oxidation on the market.

Reusable and easy to clean, the product uses a rubber stopper connected to a pump fed through a high quality plastic body, which serves to remove air from inside the bottle and swell the rubber o-ring seal to a perfect fit, with a quick release button on top to pressurize the bottle again and easily remove the stopper to drink.

VinoTru are also offering a huge discount down from $29.95 to $11.95 for a limited period.

A spokesperson for VinoTru explained, “The product is exclusively available on and is only the first in our range of affordable products to revolutionize home wine drinking for the armchair connoisseur. Just like so many other luxury items once reserved for the elite, fine wine is now being enjoyed by a wider class of people than ever, and so items like these become increasingly essential to maximizing enjoyment when it comes to the rich taste of the good life.”

About VinoTru
VinoTru is a new wine accessories brand. The wine vacuum pump is the first product in the VinoTru wine accessories line and is sold exclusively on The wine vacuum pump promises to create an air tight seal to preserve wine after opening. The product is the first of a range of products scheduled to be released throughout the year, so check the Amazon store regularly for new wine accessories.

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