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Vietnam Outsourcing tells about its metal parts manufacturing outsourcing services.

Vietnam Outsourcing holds expertise in the acquisition of proprietary metal components. With worldwide sales support in Singapore and an engineering team in China, the UK, and Vietnam, the company provides its services to customers from diverse industries. It is a prominent supplier which has shipped over 4.5 mil parts annually, covering more than 1000 various part numbers to more than 30 consumers globally - with a 2018 net worth value of US$17 mil as well as US$4mil from Vietnam and China, respectively. The company has 17 years of footprint in China as well as five years of operation in Vietnam. As a result, it always stays on top when it comes to the customer-supplier performance rating averaging. The company’s mission is to break all barriers between local factories and international businesses by offering a one-stop service for outsourcing metal parts.

Vietnam is among the world's rapidly growing economies. It has the potential to turn out to be the next destination for metal parts manufacturing. It holds UK quality uphold standards and robust engineering/ production bases in both China and Vietnam. Vietnam Outsourcing aims to deliver a trusted source to meet its client's manufacturing needs. As a metal part manufacturing outsourcing company, the company comprehends its client’s needs. It keeps up an easy, hassle-free and cost-effective for its clients. It starts the outsourcing process by learning about the client’s requirements. This will involve the reason for searching for a new supplier and the client’s decision. Its engineers will get the client’s drawings, translate and convert to which its supplier can quo. After getting a clear idea of the client’s requirements, the company will provide the pricing from its competitive supplier base. After the pricing and supplier selection are finalized, the project will be assigned to a dedicated project engineer who will work with the client’s team to have the most efficient communication. Upon agreement, the company will go a little further with its first batch production. Vietnam Outsourcing will be glad to split the actual purchase order to lower the client’s perceived risk. The company’s chosen suppliers will produce client components under its vigilant supervision. Vietnam Outsourcing’s sales staff and project engineers will work with the client to set up regular shipments that match their demand while reducing inventory and transportation costs.

Vietnam Outsourcing does its best to make sure client’s outsourced manufacturing and parts are delivered to a top standard and within the given budget and deadline. It keeps giving reliability, quality, and values with Vietnam's robust manufacturers base and international quality control mindset.
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About the Company: Vietnam Outsourcing is the leading company that offers excellent metal part manufacturing outsourcing services globally.

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