Video Shares Alaska Financial Company’s Investment Strategy

Educational video explains how Alaska Financial Company offers the best interest rates with fixed returns.

Alaska Financial Company (AFC) is a family-owned business based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Since 1989, Alaska Financial Company claims to have offered investors a safe, stable source of income, backed by secured real estate notes. For more than 25 years, AFC has paid investors $100,000,000 in interest income from these first trust deeds.

Alaska Financial’s clientele are accredited investors who are typically individual retirees and investors who are tired of stock market volatility, low interest rates at the bank, and fees eating up their portfolio. Secured note investments are a real estate bond alternative that offer accredited investors an above market five-year fixed return. Unlike bonds, the principal value is fixed at the amount invested, even if rates rise.

In a new, educational video, Alaska Financial Company explains the benefits of investing in real estate notes. Those interested in learning more about investments with the best interest rates and fixed returns can watch the following video:

Alaska Financial Company allows clients to invest in pooled trust deeds without the hassles or risks of holding real estate notes directly. Strong, steady, fixed investment returns of seven to eight percent are all backed by tangible real estate. AFC charges no fees and investors won't have to worry about stock market volatility.

About Alaska Financial Company:

Located in Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Financial Company (AFC) is a boutique alternative investment company for accredited investors. AFC preserves investors’ principal and provides predictable income by funding private real estate loans (Trust Deeds) with abundant protective equity and conservative underwriting. Investors can lower their portfolio risk by using AFC’s Secured Notes as a source of income that is non-correlated to traditional fixed income investments. This means that investments are fee-free, backed by real estate, and 100 percent Wall Street-Free, while investors’ principle retain a fixed value.

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