Veterans International Petroleum Services LLC Announces The Pre-Launch Of Their Crypto

Innovative energy services solutions provider, Veterans International Petroleum Services, announces the pre-launch of V.I.P.$ Coin, an asset-backed cryptocurrency powered by Blockchain

V.I.P.$ Coin looks to be the next big thing in the crypto world as the digital currency ushers in a seemingly unique concept in the digital asset space. Backed by gold, gas, and oil, the new cryptocurrency created by Veterans International Petroleum Services LLC is said to be valued at over $3.6 billion. The cryptocurrency is currently available at pre-launch for interested persons across the globe.

The advent of blockchain technology and its inherent solutions, including the digital currency space, have undoubtedly disrupted several industries across the globe. Over the years, several digital currencies and assets have emerged as more businesses and individuals look to enjoy the immense features and benefits of the decentralized crypto ecosystem. However, no digital currency has been able to rival the almighty BTC, a narrative that V.I.P.$ Coin is looking to change.

Described as “the next Non- Speculative Cryptocurrency Giant,” V.I.P.$ Coin will be officially launched on the 28th of June, 2021. However, the pre-launch, which is already ongoing, will allow interested crypto enthusiasts and investors to be a part of the digital currency revolution at remarkably affordable rates. The pre-launch price of V.I.P.$ Coin is currently set at $1,200 USD, with an indicated trade exchange launch price of $12,000 USD.

VIP$ COIN is looking to fill the gap currently existing in the digital currency, world, providing 100% confidence in token purchase while encouraging longer-term investments and more frequent trading. It also provides transparency and a decentralized structure with no human interference or manipulation.

VIP$ COIN is particularly unique as an asset-backed digital currency. In a related development, VIP$ COIN is ready to link to and Blockchain under, a large number of retailers to be profiled as low volatility, useable, and reliable everyday currency, for everyday purchases, across the high street, online retail, real estate, and beyond, making it a cryptocurrency blockchain technology bettering real lives.

The asset-backed crypto will also help to alleviate the suffering of millions of people across the globe, with 20% of quarterly net profits from VIP$ COIN transactions directed to verified humanitarian projects, mostly across Africa, Asia, and South America.

For more information about VIP$ COIN and how to participate in the pre-launch, visit - and YouTube.

V.I.P.$ Coin is also available for trading from, , and CoinGecko.

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Organization: Veterans International Petroleum Services LLC

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