Veteran-owned Company, Fleet Sheets Improving Quality of Life for Deployed Military

Fleet Sheets Custom Bedding Co. offers custom fitted sheets and bedding accessories for racks on board Navy and Coast Guard ships.

Being sleep deprived is part of military culture. From boot camp to active duty, soldiers are trained to regard sleep as a luxury. For sailors in the Navy, the traditional “five and dime” watch system can wreak havoc on their sleep cycle, especially when sleeping on low-grade accommodations. While sailors may not be able to change the amount of sleep they get each night, one company is determined to make sure it’s at least quality.

Fleet Sheets Custom Bedding Co. offers custom fitted navy sheets and bedding accessories for racks on board Navy and Coast Guard ships. Founded in 2009, Fleet Sheets is tried and trusted not only by active service men and women, but also by its Founder and CEO, Larry Dunn. Dunn launched the brand during his own tour aboard the USS Blue Ridge. After many sleepless nights on the military’s low-grade standard issue sheets, Dunn needed a change. “The military issued navy sheets had a very low thread count,” said Dunn. “They felt cheap and were too large for the rack size, not fitted at all. It was hard to tell if they were new or how many Sailors used them before me.” Dunn reached out to his grandmother to craft a higher quality fitted sheet and when he brought them back to the ship, everyone wanted a set. Now, eight years later, Dunn works full time to provide luxury sheets for those standing the watch.

Sleep quality can make a life or death difference for those in military service. According to the U.S. Army Field Manual, “the longer a soldier goes without sleep, the more his thinking slows and becomes confused, and the more mistakes he will make.” Dunn experienced this first hand while deployed and credits his custom sheets to better job performance. “The upgrade made me feel cleaner and more at home in my rack. I got better sleep and was more alert throughout the day,” said Dunn.
Lack of sleep contributed to the 2009 grounding of the USS Port Royal in Honolulu and was a factor in the 2012 collision between the USS Porter and a Japanese tanker. The RAND Corporation estimates that 48.5% of service members report poor sleep quality that qualifies as “clinically significant sleep disturbance.” These sleep disturbances reach far beyond the typical groggy feeling. Sleep deprivation among soldiers has been linked to PTSD, depression and suicide.

“It fits your rack or your money back,” is written on their website.“Service members deserve extra comfort where they can get it,” said Dunn. “Fleet Sheets can help them forget they are deployed and maybe feel a little closer to home.” While the company’s origin began aboard naval ships, Fleet Sheets is quickly becoming one of the leading suppliers of linens to all sectors of the U.S. Government. From bed linens to blankets, and pillows and towels, Fleet Sheets provides a wide range of textiles available in military or commercial sizing.

Currently, Fleet Sheets products are available for purchase online at The company plans on rolling out larger distribution through military supply, VA hospitals, and other government agencies in the coming months.

The mission of the Navy may be to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, but Fleet Sheets is on a mission of its own; to improve the quality of life at sea and land for all active service members.

About Fleet Sheets:

Fleet Sheets aims to improve the quality of sleep by providing those on the front lines with custom fitted navy sheets that are more comfortable and easy to maintain. Their products are wrinkle resistant with a guaranteed fit that will pass military inspection every time.

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