Very Graphic Design Explains the Importance of Business Websites

Very Graphic Design reports that consumers typically turn to a business website before making a purchase of any type.

According to StatisticBrain, 45 percent of small businesses owned a website in 2009, with another 13 percent stating they were planning to get a website for their business. Of those who did not have a business website, 41 percent stated they didn 't need one. "Every business needs a website if they wish to remain competitive, even local businesses with a very small target audience, as consumers are turning more and more to mobile devices to find information they want and need before making a purchase, " Sharon Dibb of Very Graphic Design states.

Google phone surveys show that half of all Australian consumers research purchases online before they buy, including toy, hardware, clothing and cosmetic purchases. "Businesses across the country need a website to ensure they reach these consumers as online shopping continues to increase in popularity. In addition to having a website, companies also need to consider a mobile app or mobile site for those searching on their smart-phones as these same surveys found that doing an Internet search is the number one activity on smart-phones, with 73 percent of Australians using the device for this purpose," Dibb explains.

Businesses often mistakenly believe that a good website design is all that is needed to draw customers in. In some respects, this is true as the home page only has eight seconds to engage visitors before they move on to another site. "Consumers refuse to wait for a home page that takes too long to load or one that they are unable to view on their mobile device which is why a comprehensive website design program is of great importance, "Dibb continues.

Before the consumers finds a website though, they typically make use of a search engine to find the site and this is where search engine optimization comes in. "In order to move up in the search engines, customers must understand copy writing, blogging, social media and SEO along with responsive web design. Maintaining a website has now become a full time job which is why many turn to an SEO company for assistance in creating and maintaining a website. When you find you need a new website or wish to improve on the one you currently have, turn to Very Graphic Design as I will be more than happy to help you design a new site, one that draws visitors in and keeps them there, or improve on a site you currently have, one that is not performing to your expectations. I love making websites work, with full functionality and will be happy to work with you to achieve your business goals," Dibb declares.

About Very Graphic Design:
Sharon Dibb, founder of Very Graphic Design, works with clients to determine what is needed in a website, then making it happen with the help of modern technology. Her enthusiasm shines through in everything she does and Ms. Dibb loves a challenge. With experience as a business analyst and systems engineer, Ms. Dibb developed and implemented operating systems for franchise groups with up to 1500 licensees, drawing on her postgraduate business and marketing qualifications. In addition, Ms. Dibb is a qualified financial planner so clients feel comfortable turning to her for assistance with their website needs and eBusiness processes.

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