Launch Public Beta Enabling People To See Security Level On All Apps has created a new service allowing people to see what behaviors, third party libraries and privacy issues apps may have, so individuals can see how their private data is being used.

Free apps are incredibly popular, but many people don’t know how many of the most successful apps are funded. If an app is free, users are in fact paying for it with their data, and often have no control or even understanding of how that data is being used or recirculated. This has become a growing concern for an increasing number of users, who want more transparency in the apps they use. Fortunately, has just launched a new public beta of a service that will act as a ‘warning label’ for apps, showing up-front what’s hiding within their code.

The new service enables users to have more oversight on how apps work, and by extension allows them to make more informed decisions about what apps they choose to install on their phones. The team hope this increased transparency will put greater pressure on app developers to be more open with consumers, and pressure exploitative companies to reverse their most invasive practices. It will certainly enable users to avoid risky iOS apps, and test just how good regular iOS app security really is.

The service scans the code used to create an app, and identifies suspect behaviors, third party libraries, how securely the app handles data, and how much users are giving away when they give the app the permissions it requires to function. The service is completely free of charge, and the public beta is an opportunity for to learn what other features individuals want to be able to use to discover more about how their apps act.

A spokesperson for explained, “Our team has created multiple iOS system unlocking tools in the past, and being perfectly frank, we have established a reputation as extraordinary hackers. As well as conducting app security and penetration testing for major developers, we are using these skills pro-socially to provide this service on behalf of consumers. Our app analyzer will identify the holes in security, as well as dubious use of personal data. This will be funded not by reaping user data ourselves, but by offering a service to developers to identify and eliminate low-hanging security flaws that will be a PR disaster waiting to happen.”

About The team has been working together for years to build state of the art iOS system unlocking tools for iOS devices, used by tens of millions of people in order to free their devices for using custom OS modifications and disallowed apps. In their latest development, the team has put their knowledge and efforts toward securing iOS for the better, instead of breaking it. Their new app analyser will help consumers identify the safest and most reputable apps to use, and warn them of unsecure or exploitative apps.

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