Venus Music Group Launches #iSupportNepal Campaign to Support the Survivors of Nepal Earthquake

The #iSupportNepal campaign has been created in an effort to increase cause awareness and build support the Nepal earthquake victims through collection of donations

The #iSupportNepal campaign has been created in an effort to increase cause awareness and build support the Nepal earthquake victims through collection of donations. Behind the campaign is Venus Music Group, a talent management company currently running a campaign through and all proceeds will be donated to AmeriCares to provide relief for Nepal. The team has launched a line of smart phone cases and t-shirts that are available online on The campaign hopes to raise $ 10,000 USD within the next 5 days in aid to send to Nepal Earthquake victims.

Among the various natural disasters, earthquakes are the ones that can cause vast destruction and devastation. The recent earthquake in Nepal that occurred on 25th April, measuring 7.9 magnitude on the Richter scale which caused high destruction and loss of life. A major aftershock of 7.3 magnitude followed on May 16, 2015 that once again struck panic and fear among the victim of the first devastating earthquake. It has been reported that as a result of the first earthquake more than 8000 lives have been lost and many more are buried under the rubble, waiting to be discovered. Those who are still alive have been left deprived requiring food, shelter, clean water; whereas the injured are in need of medical help. The safety of children is also a major concern. The world has to do it part and help their fellow humans rebuild their lives back. urges people to help, it states: “On the fateful day of April 25, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake changed the lives of many people, and now, with a second major earthquake of 7.3 magnitude, they need everyone's help more than ever. Extend your hand to the survivors of Nepal’s yet strongest quake on history and give them even a little bit of hope. Make them believe that there is still a brighter future ahead of them, a future when they will finally slowly stand up from the fall and start a brand new life, leaving all the pains of the past behind.”

On the website an exclusive line of smartphone covers and t-shirt are on sale for $30 USD each, the proceeds from each sale will be donated to help rebuild Nepal. The ISupportNepal team also encourages spreading awareness about the cause by using #iSupportNepal.

The campaign has also caught the attention of various celebrities and sportspersons from around the world. Indian composer Aadesh Shrivastava showed his support by tweeting about the cause and Dwayne Bravo a world famous cricketer shared it on his Facebook profile on May 15th.

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About us: Venus Music Group, a talent management company, has created a campaign to support the survivors of the disaster.

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