Venture Computers Weighs in on Short- and Long-Term Computer Rentals for Back-to-School

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. comments on the advantages computer rentals for students and small businesses.

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. (, Toronto’s leading provider of IT support, hardware and software sales, services, and consulting, is weighing in on the advantages of computer rentals in Toronto as back-to-school and small business alternatives for short- and long-term usage.

As the new school year is quickly getting underway, students either entering school for the first time or returning to their studies face similar questions of how to balance and cut costs. Textbooks can be costly, especially when combined with housing and food costs, and each semester becomes a challenge to figure out how to budget with typically low amounts of funds.

“Having successfully accommodated computer rentals in Toronto, Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. is aware of how not spending a lump sum on a new laptop can free up some extra cash for new and returning students,” says Harris Tan, owner of Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. “It’s a decision every student has to make with their parents, and once a budget is established and put up against the amount of work students are expected to get done on a computer, then a more educated decision can be made.”

Tan explains that students are often expected to write papers on their laptops. With onsite accessibility to libraries, renting a computer becomes even more cost-effective, as it works concurrently with being able to use library computers.

“It can really turn out to be a significantly lower cost, and at the least prevent having to spend $500 to $1,000 at once on a new laptop,” he adds. “If students are still set on purchasing a computer or the demands of their courses make it absolutely necessary, Venture Computers is one of the top Apple resellers in Toronto, with great prices on quality products.”

“Small businesses can also benefit from considering computer rental in Toronto. For short-term usages like computer labs or trainings sessions, renting a computer is a great option and saves companies valuable revenue,” Tan concludes. “We at Venture Computers make all these options available and we urge anyone thinking of a computer rental in Toronto to visit our Scarborough location.”

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