Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. Weighs In On Heavy Investing Into Cloud Companies

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. comments on recent heavy investing in cloud computing solutions by five companies.

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. (, Toronto’s leading provider of IT support, hardware and software sales services, and consulting, is weighing in on the large round of investments five cloud companies recently received to start or continue their operations.

The week of March 27 saw venture capitalists invest a combined $175 million into companies that focus on cloud computing, storage, or other form of cloud software. The five companies involved in this move include ($110 million), Aryaka ($16.0 million), Fusion Ops ($12.0 million), Better Cloud ($25.0 million), and Hedveg ($12.5 million). (Source: Brown, B., “5 freshly-funded cloud computing companies worth watching,”, March 27, 2015;

“Even split among the five companies, that’s still a large number,” says Harris Tan, owner of Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. “However, it’s important to keep in mind how much cloud computing has transformed multiple industries and impacted culture overall. Yes, these represent huge investments, but when analyzing the future of the cloud, it seems a safer bet than most.”

Tan explains that close to half of all marketing departments are expected to have 60% of their applications on the cloud over the next two years. With most of those applications being aimed at databases, organizations are expecting improved technology quality and customer service in addition to the cloud helping to grow their business. (Source: Columbus, L., “Predicting The Future Of Cloud Service Providers,” Forbes web site, April 5, 2015;

“This much investment doesn’t come without high expectations,” he adds. “Organizations are increasing their budgets for the cloud and expect it to have a positive effect on both their bottom line and on the services they provide, including interaction with clients.”

Tan notes that while these companies are financed primarily to serve big business interests, Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. is sound in its approach and commitment to servicing the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to implement cloud computing as part of their operations.

“It’s amazing to hear that the future of cloud computing is such a priority,” Tan concludes. “However, our focus right now is on helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their cloud knowledge, implement these cloud-based solutions so they are on-trend with current systems, and offer IT consulting so the systems are properly managed.”

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