Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. Weighs in on Efforts to Keep Cloud Storage Within Canada

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. comments on the Canadian government's attempts to keep cloud storage and related information within Canadian borders.

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. (, Toronto’s leading provider of IT support, hardware and software sales and services, and consulting, is weighing in on Canada’s attempt to devise a strategy that would keep all cloud storage within its borders.

According to privacy advocate Michael Geist, the Treasury Board of Canada began an attempt to create a government-wide policy on cloud computing in 2014. With a goal to have a policy in place by the summer, Canada has made clear their concerns about having cloud storage anywhere outside of its borders. (Source: Arellano, N.E., “Canada’s cloud computing strategy calls for no cross-border data storage,” IT World Canada web site, February 5, 2015;

“The government of Canada is perfectly validated in their concern over having cloud storage escape Canadian borders,” says Harris Tan, owner of Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. “Every country or region in the world has varying security policies, and once information is outside of Canada, there’s nothing the government can do to assure the security of that information. It’s a very concerning topic.”

Tan explains that both Government Services Canada and Public Works sought industry feedback on the most effective way for the government to deliver cloud computing services to its citizens, with the latter inquiring about the viability and challenges of certain strategies. The Request for Information submission deadline passed on January 30.

“Much of the stipulation is rooted in how information can be stored in or rerouted exclusively to Canada and how to eliminate any connection to servers outside of the country,” he adds. “Canada essentially wants ownership of all data coming from within its own territory.”

“Other countries have similar concerns about information leaving their borders and have already implemented laws reflecting as much,” Tan concludes. “And now, Canada hopes to join those ranks and safeguard the privacy of its citizens.”

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