Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. Announces What Businesses Need to Know About the Cloud

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. lists the top reasons for making a transition to cloud computing.

Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. (, Toronto’s leading provider of IT support, hardware and software sales services and consulting, is announcing its expert tips regarding what information is vital for businesses considering a transition to cloud computing.

The phrase “cloud computing” has now become a popular part of the technology world and has infiltrated work culture more sharply than any other product since possibly the computer itself. However, many employers are still not able to clearly describe precisely what cloud computing means and how it can and should be implemented within their company.

“To a large degree, it’s still a bit of a mystery,” says Harris Tan, owner of Venture Computers of Canada, Inc. “Right now, businesses are aware that they should be using the cloud but can’t put their finger on precisely why they should be using the technology or to what degree.”

According to Tan, properly applying cloud computing to the operations of any business should be done strategically and with a plan in place before making any brash changes. That said, there are a couple overarching facts that should be known before making the transition.

“It should first be noted that two primary types of cloud computing exist,” he explains. “First is ‘software as a service’ [SaaS], in which the provider hosts all the applications on their own servers, which a company accesses through a web browser. The company will be charged a monthly fee for this service.”

Tan adds that the other type of cloud computing is “infrastructure as a service” (IaaS). With this option, the provider gives the company all the physical hardware, including servers and connectivity resources, and offers the service as a pay-as-you-go model.

“One of the great benefits of the cloud is that it’s extremely flexible,” he notes. “Cloud software allows a business to either increase or decrease its capacity based on the consumption of resources on a month-to-month basis. This goes a long way to saving costs and allowing for more flexible decision-making.”

“The last fact that businesses should know prior to making the transition to cloud is that it removes the need to expand on any data centres; all a company needs to do is move its applications over to the provider’s infrastructure and they can then forget about it. For larger companies, this means huge savings,” Tan concludes. “Building data centres is expensive, so being able to transfer those applications at a fraction of the cost is worth making the transition.”

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