Velocity Token emerges as a Next Generation Company in the crypto industry

Velocity Token is creating a buzz in the crypto market by reinventing the global equity blockchain, a secure, innovative, easy-to-use platform. They are working towards developing multiple projects that will benefit their holders.

Velocity is the latest project that aims to pour its users wealth. It seeks to touch the world by showing off its tricks, including its one-of-a-kind tokenomics and an actual utility use case project like no other project has done before. Velocity is Token with Burn Protocol. All users need to do is Hold VLC.

Velocity brings in daily claimable passive income, loyalty rewards, Play to Earn Concept, and integration with the NFT to their invaluable holder and investors. A project in which development Revolves back to its best interest towards investors. Their Vision is to make the record by growing token price by 0.01$ in 6 months.

Velocity possesses exclusive that makes it stands out amongst other crypto platforms that include:

- IGO LAUNCHPAD (INITIAL GAME OFFERING); Current Trending P2E Games in which the founders will create an IGO Landing Platform in Partnership with P2E Launching Games all over the Binance Blockchain.
- PLAY-TO-EARN PARTNERSHIPS; It provides a use case utility partnership in P2E Games & In-Game Offerings.
- MAJOR MARKETING / PUBLIC INTERACTIONS: It yields participation & support in real life in sectors like E-Sports Tournaments, Sporting Events, Crypto conferences so that gamers and sports enthusiasts would be introduced to the project itself and boost social awareness of the crypto space. Providing a use case utility partnership in P2E Games & In-Game Offering

Moreover, Velocity has also developed its "V-store," a simple abbreviation of velocity store, meaning an all-in-one Dapps store allowing users to access a variety of addictive, Pixels, 3D, Minigames, play to earn Game-based in one Place. It's a sort of Collection aiming to bring together all the games of its Ecosystem or others in one Place and ultimately provide a better experience for its players.

It delivers the perfect Place for gamers. With the V-store, users can now participate in Tournaments; Play Nft games Free To play, play to earn (P2e), Earn NFTs or $VLC Coins by completing daily tasks. With an excellent User-Friendly Interface and an NFT's Marketplace, users can create, buy, sell, trade their NFTs assets.

Velocity's super launchPad with a Proper Toolbox for NFT's game and #Web3 Development enables DEVs to easily create and launch their NFT'S game simply while using the launchpad's limited resources. Features of the Super Launchpad are as follows:

- Initial Games Offering (IGO)
- Initial NFT's Offerings (INO)
- NFT's Games Builder
- Games Aggregator

About Velocity Token: It is working towards boosting metaverse by building a platform to launch multiple projects in its community. The platform is optimized for gaming and designed for gamers' mass adoption. It focuses on gaming and online gaming NFT marketplaces, making it an ultimate perfect play2earn platform for gaming crypto enthusiasts.

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