VB Law Group Restart ‘Don’t Settle For Less’ Campaign To Encourage People To Pursue Full Claims

VB Law Group has recreated a campaign for TV and online encouraging those who have been injured not only to claim, but to claim for the full amount of compensation due to them.

San Antonio is home to one of the highest rates of road traffic accidents in the entire United States, and this means injuries are frequent. The difficulty with this high frequency is that it risks trivializing the lasting damage done to so many people, who often don’t seek compensation at all, or will accept an informal agreement for a fraction of what they are really entitled to. VB Law Group are San Antonio injury lawyers passionate about ensuring people receive appropriate compensation for their injuries. They have restarted their ‘Don’t Settle For Less’ campaign that helps people understand how much they really might be entitled to if they choose to pursue a claim through VB Law Group.

The campaign was a big success when it was first launched in 2013, but many people have since forgotten about the core message and are settling out of court for a tiny fraction of what they could, and should, be compensated for.

VB Law Group helps people understand why compensation needs to be set and received to cover unexpected cost such as ongoing physiotherapy, loss of income, emotional trauma and future medical bills associated with the injury.

The video campaign is being used prominently on the website and on TV to help people avoid the increasing trend toward undercutting settlements.

A spokesperson for VB Law Group explained, “There are still far too many people out there who accept the intimidating rhetoric that forms part of an unofficial deal offer, which impresses upon people the idea that court proceedings are expensive and uncertain. In fact they are none of those things, and are the only way individuals can guarantee they get the compensation they deserve. We help ensure that happens, and if we don’t win, we don’t get paid.”

About VB Law Group: VB Law Group helps victims of car accidents, slip and fall injuries, and other personal injury cases. VB Law Group has helped hundreds of personal injury victims in the San Antonio area and plans to continue helping those who need their support for as long as they are able, defending people’s right to claim compensation for their suffering.

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