VB Law Group Issues Statement On Staying Safe During Winter Driving In San Antonio

VB Law Group is warning individuals in San Antonio to take extra care out on the roads this winter to prevent avoidable accidents ruining the holiday season, with tips for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The holiday season sees people driving all over the country to see friends and family, people driving frantically between stores to buy presents, not to mention rushing home from work to spend more time with their families. It is no surprise then that car accidents spike during the season, as road conditions are at their worst. San Antonio injury law firm VB Law Group hopes to minimize the tragedy that could befall this season, and has issued a statement warning individuals to take extra care on the roads in the coming months.

Their tips include obvious things like never drinking and driving and ensuring the car is topped up with anti-freeze, while also recommending winter tires with more aggressive tread profiles and driving tips for staying in control should the car enter a slide.

Equally, they recommend pedestrians in San Antonio are equally diligent when it comes to crossing the road and using the sidewalk, leaving as much room between themselves and the road as possible, and leaving a much greater margin when crossing roads than usual.

The San Antonio law firm has fought long and hard on behalf of the victims of car accidents, and hopes to prevent as many as possible over the holiday season.

A spokesperson for VB Law Group explained, “We wanted to issue a reminder to stay safe out there this holiday season. The roads can get icy and holiday traffic can congest the highways. Stay safe during travel and shopping in order to avoid any car accidents- allow more time than you need and always double check before pulling out onto the San Antonio roads. We don’t want anyone’s holiday season to be ruined by what could have been an avoidable accident, which is why we are sharing road safety tips and advice for winter on our website.”

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