Vavatrade Modifies DAILY-F Strategy For 2015 To Capture Higher Returns And Further Reduce Risk

Vavatrade’s popular trading program, Daily-F 2015, has been modified. Renewing its focus on international banking activity, Daily-F 2015 now tracks FX market activities by the worlds’ biggest banks, and executes trades on its accounts in the same direction that those banks are taking.

Using current market data and trends, and information from industry sources, Vavatrade has made algorithmic changes to its calculations based on evaluation of breaking banking activity from around the world.

Foreign Exchange markets have been exceptionally volatile in the four years since the launch of Vavatrade. Despite market fluctuation, Vavatrade experienced fairly steady gains through mid-2014, when they made a subtle strategy change in their main accounts. This small alteration apparently had a significant impact on the performance of those accounts as monthly profits dwindled. This was ironic because Vavatrade has always advocated NOT changing strategy on main accounts, but instead to open a new account in which to test a new strategy for its potential for success. This plan protects the main accounts from the uncertainty of untested theories while also opening opportunity for better, more lucrative returns through innovation. Even with the monthly losses however, Vavatrades’ overall profit remained positive. The drop in monthly gains was an opportunity to reevaluate all Vavatrade strategies.

The other new Daily-F 2015 modification include the addition of ‘partial close’ and ‘break even’ options on some trades. This is done with the help of a Partial Close EA trading tool for MT4. With these, traders have the option to ‘lock in’ a break even or profit point when the trade hits a certain number, and keep the trade going through the full transaction for the potential of even more profit on one deal. With these options, traders can reduce their potential for loss by stopping the trade at break even, or ensuring a profit is achieved at some point in the transaction even when the overall trade isn’t as lucrative as was hoped.

Vavatrade is confident these modifications will prove highly profitable for all investors in the FX markets. Currently Daily-F strategy is up by 2,073 pips in March and total profit from the beginning of the year is 3100+ pips. Past week's trading activities are shared on Vavatrade's blog.

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