Vancouver’s Own CGIS Leads Severe Service Valve Task Force To Establish New Standards

The next steps for defining reliable principles and parameters for what separates a Severe Service Valve (SSV) from a General Purpose Valve are being taken, and CGIS is leading the way.

Earlier this year an interest group, led by CGIS President Ross Waters, presented their request for a new Standard Practice on Severe Service Valves to the Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry (MSS). An MSS Technical Committee sanctioned the request, and put together an official MMS Task Force led by Mr. Waters, issuing a project number in early October. The task force will now determine the minimum requirements a valve needs to be able to perform to when faced with extreme conditions, whether from pressure, temperature, toxicity, solids, or usage.

Over the next year, a clear and measurable definition and identification process will be determined by the task force, with the end goal of having a standard practice for end-users and manufacturers to follow. This resource will be critical for selecting the right valve for the right application going forward, and will improve performance, safety and reliability for the future.

CGIS is a leading light in the valve manufacturing and design industry, and is ideally placed to support the research required to arrive at the appropriate definition. Mr. Waters’ involvement ensures that the full weight of the company can be thrown behind the work, raising the standards for the whole industry.

Ross Waters explained,“By creating a rigorous standard for Severe Service Valves to adhere to, we can ensure end-users can protect both their workers and the environment. We’ve seen countless examples where general purpose valves were used in a severe service situation, which led to high operating costs, loss of process containment and control, and significant damage to the environment. This task force was created with the goal to drastically lower these statistics.”

Robert O’Neill, the MSS Executive Director, also added, “In addition to providing the industry with objective principles and parameters on how to define and subsequently identify SSVs, this proposed new Standard Practice will provide the basis of the definition that is currently being referred to in other MSS work, like Special Leak Test Methods and Procedures for Valves.”

About CGIS: CGIS is the global supplier of the highest performance valves, controls, and automation in the market. With over 35 years of experience, they are committed to understanding application, and ensure customers always get the right valve, well before a dollar is spent. With offices throughout Canada and Australia, they serve a worldwide customer base across six continents. They offer a unique ability to deliver superior technical expertise in the world of Severe Service Valve (SSV) applications, which improves reliability, safety, and bottom line in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

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