Validate.Creditcard Adds Free Issuer Identification Number Look-Up

Free, instant service makes it simple to find the name and phone number of the bank that issued any payment card, Validate.Creditcard reports

Validate.Creditcard, a leading online credit card validation service, added a new, free Issuer Identification Number (IIN) and Bank Identification Number (BIN) look-up feature. Simply by inputting the first six digits of a payment card at, anyone can instantly find the name and contact details of the issuing bank or other institution. As the most accurate, convenient, and comprehensive service of its kind, this new, free feature will be of interest to many.

"We're happy to say that now includes an instant IIN/BIN database look-up feature," said site representative Anthony Robbins. "Whether because of suspected fraud or simply having questions about an account, being able to quickly identify the bank that issued a payment card can be extremely useful. As with our existing Luhn formula card number validation service, this new feature is also entirely free for every visitor to make use of. Validate credit card details and find the issuing bank in seconds; we've made it easier than ever before."

The familiar 16-digit numbers found on payment cards worldwide do more than identify the corresponding account. A more or less universally observed 1989 standard created by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, governs the allocation and construction of such numbers. The very first digit of each number associates a payment card with a particular industry or other designated category.

The following five digits combine with the first to tie any given payment card to a particular issuing bank or another institution. Under ISO standard 7812, the American Bankers Association is the designated "Registration Authority" for the corresponding database, with only those who are deemed qualified by that group being eligible to receive a current copy of the registry and no officially maintained means of online access being available.

The new Validate.Creditcard IIN/BIN database look-up feature will enable many who would normally lack access to such information to easily discover the issuing bank for any payment card. The new feature adds another dimension of value to a site that has already become a favorite resource for many. The Validate.Creditcard IIN/BIN database search feature is active now, with further site enhancements to follow in the future.

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Making it easier than ever before to validate payment card numbers and look up issuing bank details, Validate.Creditcard is an instant, convenient online service that is free for all to use.

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