Vacuum Sealer Zone Launches Latest Reviews in Response to Surging Food Waste

Understanding which vacuum sealers offer the greatest value and versatility is crucial to combatting unnecessary spending, publishes

Figures released last year via joint efforts of the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Resources Institute reveal as much as 40 percent of America's food supply is wasted, amounting to an estimated 20 pounds of fruits, vegetables and meats per person each month. Reports indicate a significant portion of this waste stems from over-buying. With this in mind, Allen Martin of Vacuum Sealer Zone ( has launched the company's latest product reviews and purchasing guide.

Said Martin, "Most everyone enjoys having fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, and when those rare sales on meats at the supermarket present themselves, taking advantage of the savings is difficult to resist. At the same time, a number of Americans have discovered the financial benefits of buying in bulk. The problem lies in finding the time to divide up these items and preserve them properly; as a result, we end up wasting more than we consume. Vacuum sealers are the perfect solution to this dilemma, and we're here to help our readers find the ones best fitting their needs."

According to information found at, vacuum sealers' capacity to accommodate a range of bag thicknesses is among the most important elements to consider. Overheating has been listed as a common issue faced with this type of equipment; therefore, Vacuum Sealer Zone advises consumers to consider devices suited to their levels of use. Ease of operation is likewise mentioned as a deciding factor.

While price has been deemed a primary concern in the eyes of consumers, the company recommends opting for moderately priced brands offering high quality and varied functionality. Though the earliest versions of vacuum sealers provided limited options, certain modern models come with numerous features. Some of these include attachments for removing excess air from wine, oil and vinegar bottles as well as conventional storage containers. Details regarding the company's current top ten models are available through

Concluded Martin, "Vacuum sealers give consumers the ability to save a great deal of money while reducing the amount of organic waste making its way to our nation's landfills. These devices have come a long way since first being introduced to the market, and they now come with any number of additional features. Our purpose is to provide honest reviews on specific products as well as in-depth information to help consumers get the most out of their vacuum sealers. We will continue to update our website as new products and developments in the industry arise."

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