V-Cube USA Inc. Partnership With BT Group plc Highlights Crucial Live Streaming Services During COVID-19

The company is helping businesses large and small adapt to the difficult realities of the pandemic, where in-person work is seen as too risky.

Los Angeles, CA -- As the coronavirus crisis spreads across the world, companies are struggling with how to operate while their employees are confined to their homes -- but V-Cube USA, Inc. has the solution with its streaming services, highlighted by a major partnership with global telecommunications giant BT Group plc to provide all of its on-site video streaming needs.

With years of experience traveling the globe to produce online audio and video events V-Cube, USA, Inc. already has extensive expertise in webinars and livestreaming. And now it’s using those top quality production skills to help businesses large and small adapt to the difficult realities of the pandemic, where social distancing is encouraged and in-person work seen as too risky.

Recently, V-Cube USA, Inc. inked a significant deal with BT Group plc to be the company’s exclusive partner for on-site livestreaming services. Through this agreement, V-Cube USA, Inc. will apply its first-class video and audio expertise to all of BT Group plc’s corporate broadcasts and remote broadcasts throughout Europe. By streaming these messages online BT can reach the widest possible audience with no restriction on location or the number of allowed attendees.

Streaming corporate messages also has the added benefit of allowing people to watch remotely and therefore maintain social distancing during the pandemic caused by coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. V-Cube USA, Inc. sends a small team to each client to set up the streaming equipment and oversee broadcasts, but the company is taking all vital protective measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure to both its clients and its employees.

V-Cube USA, Inc. also recently released a white paper, “Corporate Conferencing During Coronavirus: V-Cube USA, Inc. Offers Affordable Solutions,” that explains in greater detail how the company operates and how it can provide essential streaming video services for a wide range of events during the pandemic, from corporate messaging to social events and more.

Brian Lotte, chief operating officer at V-Cube USA, Inc., says, the BT GROUP plc deal is a prime example of the type of vital benefit streaming can provide in the time of COVID-19.

Lotte adds, “Genius comes from groups, and with the partnership between BT GROUP PLC and V-Cube-USA, Inc., both companies have been able to significantly expand offerings for full service on-site and remote live streaming and recording market niches -- a market sector that is becoming exponentially important at this particular juncture. The recent virus pandemic is highlighting the need for this crucial type of service. The partnership now allows a globally reliable, and most importantly affordable, full service on-site and remote streaming offering. This is an exciting development for both companies, and we are proud to have partnered with BT GROUP plc.”

About V-Cube USA, Inc.: With several locations around the world, V-Cube USA, Inc. is a leading service provider of managed webinars, virtual conferences and video livestreaming services for companies and organizations of all sizes, sending its team of dedicated audio and visual technicians to clients in anywhere in the world for a flat rate.

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About British Telecom: Formerly known as British Telecom, BT GROUP plc is a global telecommunications holding company that operates in more than 180 countries offering broadband, mobile and other services. BT GROUP PLC’s website is https://www.btplc.com/.

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