Utopia Promotionals Announces New Ideas And Unique Choices For Corporate Gifts

Utopiascreenprinting.com.au launches a full line of promotional products customized for businesses, schools and festivals.

The discussion of why promotional products are a must for every business, school and non-profit organization is as fresh today, as it was decades ago. Despite the use of the internet to reach consumers, it is often the small give-away item that truly embodies a brand name with a customer. Writing for the online news service “Huffington Post” in her article “Why Promotional Products Still Matter” business columnist Elle-Rose Williams reports, “The use of a promotional product is still the best and most affordable way to allow consumers to remember your company name. With this form of branding, your company logo and graphics will be instantly memorable in ways you never thought possible.”

Elle-Rose Williams advises, “This instant brand recognition is as easy as handing out a shirt, hat or bag that will get regular use. These items provide a brand awareness not just for the person using this piece of apparel or household item, but all those they come in contact with. Not only are promotional items perfect for introducing your company name to prospective customers, they can also make a splash when used as corporate gifts. Never under-value the idea of having your corporate brand on the pen or simple item that lands on the desk of your current client or future business associate.”

Meeting the needs of businesses, schools and festivals that wish to feature promotional products in their marketing campaigns is the team at Utopia Promotionals. Company Spokesperson Zaved Karim describes their mission in this way, “At Utopia Promotionals, we are proud to provide a wide range of promotional and printing products that serve a diverse clientele. While most people only associate promotional items with t-shirt printing and posters, we provide our clients with so much more.”

Zaved Karim continues, “Our company has the ability to custom design and print in-house. This keeps our rates affordable and our carbon impact environmentally friendly. Both large corporate brands and regional festivals enjoy the personal attention we give to every project we design. In the past twenty years, we have consulted with everyone from sports clubs and schools to small businesses wanting to make their start-up products household words. By using both creativity and our awareness of what is trending in the field of promotions, we have been able to increase their success in their individual marketplace.”

“Our marketing consultants, printers and graphic designers specialize in promotional products that many other companies do not. Our creative team is experienced in beautiful embroidery and corporate gifts that get noticed, not tossed away.” Zaved adds, We accomplish successful results for our clients, because we sit with them and learn what they want to say to consumers with each promotional gift they order.”

Zaved Karim elaborates, “When our clients are looking for new ideas, we make a point of asking them what items their clients and customers use on a regular basis. Whether we are discussing something as small as a USB drive or large as a men's full size sweatshirt, each aspect of our discussion matters. Our clients value our input and listening skills, as much as they have come to rely on the unique promotional choices that we offer.”

About Utopia Promotionals:

Utopia Promotionals has made a name for itself for over twenty years, providing a wide assortment of promotional wares from their headquarters in New South Wales. Their company desire for perfection and creativity in each project they undertake, has made them a company valued by major corporate brands, schools, festivals and non-profit organizations.

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