USWired Launches Campaign to Enhance Small Business Security

Protecting small business data and information is the top priority of which is why the company launched a campaign to enhance small business security

According to statistics, up to 27 percent of businesses in the United States still have no IT support in place. Without security and support in place, businesses leave themselves exposed to serious data breaches and threats. In fact, 65 percent of professionals identified that social engineering and phishing were the largest security threats their company faces.

Additionally, with hackers being able to remain hidden in a business network for 140 days or more, many security issues aren’t even recognized until the damage is done. All of these security issues can be prevented with the proper Outsourced IT Support in San Jose.

To help alleviate IT security and support issues, US Wired has launched a campaign to enhance small business security.

“If you are concerned about the security issues related to your company’s data and technology, our team is here to help,” stated USWired spokesperson Robin Hau. “We provide the technology, service, and support needed to ensure your ongoing security regardless of the size of your company or the industry you work within.”

With other services offering IT consulting in San Jose peace of mind is often touted, but rarely delivered. With USWired, this isn’t the case. By using the services offered by this company, clients can feel confident their IT needs are met and that preventative steps will be taken to stop attacks and security breaches before they occur.

“We want all businesses to have the protection they need and deserve,” continued Hau. “The fact is, even a single breach can lead to costly downtime and the loss of sensitive and invaluable data. The best way to avoid being in this situation is by using our IT consulting services for your business.”

Additional information about the IT security services offered by USWired can be found by visiting the company’s website.


USWired was founded in 1996 and since then, the company has grown significantly. Today, the entire staff is dedicated to providing superior IT services and support that is unparalleled in the industry. While other IT services providers may make big promises, USWired delivers the superior tech-services, security and more that modern clients demand. Serving businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, and working in all industries, USWired has the ability, experience, and know-how to handle any IT related need that comes along.

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