Users Seeking Financial Freedom Can Adopt Decentralized Insurance through Option Pool

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Option Pool Exchange finally brings the concept of decentralized insurance savings for its users, providing them with an opportunity to compete with big players in the market using Rich Otter tokens available through Uniswap or Direct Purchase.

Binance, the world's largest currency converter, has been on a roller coaster ride since its debut in the crypto market. However, since the beginning of 2021, this voyage has had high volatility, showing no signs of slowing down. On the other hand, the blockchain market has had a significant impact on both business and technology. Tokens are one of the most widely utilized models in the market. As a result, communities are rapidly building their own symbolic tokens, which give clients various opportunities, including insurance.

The world's first-ever tokenized insurance fund, capped at 10 billion tokens, is now available on Option Pool Exchange. Pool Exchange users will be required to pay insurance fees in Rich Otter tokens, which will be pooled into the exchange's insurance fund. The payment will be paid directly to the fund based on the trading volume of the derivative exchange.

Rich Otter, the platform's token, is created with strict deflationary token economics in mind. Option Pool Exchange will not use token burns to develop an artificial deflationary environment; instead, the set number of tokens issued and the continual flow of capital into the token market will create the atmosphere.

Option Pool Exchange offers its customers the choice of using UniSwap or Direct Purchase to trade. For any beginner to the platform, the methods for purchasing with ETH pairings are un-complicated. The user must first look for the contract address, then login to their Ethereum wallet, enter the amount of ETH they want to trade, and then press swap. Determined users can visit here and acknowledge more about it.

Moreover, Rich Otter tokens will be instantly available in the wallet. Pool Exchange will be the largest market maker and holder in the Otter token market, with 10%-20% token shares. Because the platform is a communal saving with 60% tokens for public sale, 10% for private sales, 5% referral incentive, and a 25% initial insurance fund pool contribution. The platform has granted no free tokens to employees, partners, or advisors.

About Option Pool Exchange: It is a specialized cryptocurrency platform. The company is developed with decentralization in mind, allowing individuals to compete with market heavyweights. Decentralization, which gives users more independence, has always been a popular topic and concept to introduce into the market.

Option Pool Exchange has developed a decentralized insurance savings platform that allows users to leverage commodities up to 7000 times and ensure a fair market irrespective of their capital commitment size. Meanwhile, the network announces that trading will be available shortly through Coinbase, where users will trade by purchasing Rich Otter tokens and depositing monies into the Pool.

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Name: Jake Yoon
Email: Send Email
Organization: Option Pool Exchange

Release ID: 89050894

Name: Jake Yoon
Email: Send Email
Organization: Option Pool Exchange