Users Can Now Get Their Audit Certification for Crypto Projects Using the SafeID KYC Services

$afeID brings customers an opportunity, making it easy for them to be an authentic crypto exchange platform. Users can now get their verification done using the company's KYC audit service available on the website.

A large number of tokens are created exclusively to be sold in a token sale (presale). This results in nothing for the investors but for the creators, who depart after reaping the rewards. Investors are then helpless to interfere in such situations.

$afeID has simplified things for all crypto enthusiasts around the world. Users can use the service to ensure that project promoters are traced and held accountable for their deception. Also, projects that have received the company's KYC audit certificate should expect a high level of investor confidence.

The KYC audit service checks the identity of the token creator who is registered on the blockchain using the wallet address. Furthermore, the service validates detailed information such as contact information, client information, and email address, among other things. Once the verification process is completed, the company issues an official and digital (signed) public certificate to the token creator. This certificate confirms that the wallet's owner has validated its ownership.

Customers must first link their wallets to the website of $afeID. The portal verifies the user's email address once the connection is established. After the validation is completed, users are asked to fill out the form with their information. The project-related details and the generated token are also required on the form. Finally, after the data has been provided, the platform verifies all the data, including the customer's fundamental information, such as phone number, identity, and social media.

$afeID is a legitimate organization that issues users with a valid audit certificate. A registered firm in Switzerland backs up the company's claim to be an authentic endeavor. The website also has a Business EV SSL certificate from Sectigo, a security firm.

Users can only apply for KYC audit services and extra services using the company's native token, $ID. The firm is glad to announce that tokens are now available on a well-known decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.

$afeID is a project of the company A. G. Bergsmann that offers users a KYC audit service. After the verification process of clients' projects and the produced token, the service provides an authentic certificate.

Users can visit the website here for more information about the $afeID KYC audit service and $ID token. Also, users can join the Telegram community for further updates and announcements.

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