Reports on Bus Accidents and Their Far-Reaching Impact

Victims of a bus crash aren't the only ones affected, as their loved ones help deal with the aftermath, and compensation is available for those injured, announces

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 16,000 buses were involved in injury crashes in 2016 and 35,000 individuals were involved in these crashes. Two hundred twenty-seven of these buses were involved in a fatal crash and 264 people lost their lives. However, any victim involved in a crash of this type has family and friends who love them. As a result, the impact of the crash affects countless more lives.

"If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a bus, a Bus Accident Lawyer should be retained immediately. Compensation may be obtained for these injuries, and the responsible party or parties need to be held accountable. The attorney works to ensure this is the case, and an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases may be found with the help of (," the staff at reports.

Age may play a role in bus accidents. While only six percent of drivers involved in a fatal bus crash were 25 years of age or younger, 25 percent of drivers in fatal bus crashes were 66 years of age or older. The training of these individuals comes into play when considering who should be held responsible, and attorneys also look at the bus involved in the crash to see if mechanical failure played a role in the crash. If so, the mechanics responsible for maintaining the bus and/or the bus manufacturer may be named in a lawsuit.

"The attorney examines the facts of the case to determine who may be held accountable for the injuries sustained. A person may be dealing with burns, neck injuries, head trauma, fractures, and more. As a result, the attorney must also have a network of professionals he or she can call on to prove the case and determine the appropriate amount of compensation. ( helps individuals injured in a bus crash find this attorney," the staff continues.

Bus accident attorneys also work with bicyclists and pedestrians involved in a bus accident. Everyone should have access to a lawyer when they are injured through no fault of their own, and the site understands this. Visit today for assistance in finding an attorney who deals with bus crashes every day.

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