US Tax Season Hits Fever Pitch Reports Etax1099 The Digital Tax Filing Service

Many US Citizens find creating and filing their tax return a nightmare, but Etax1099 offers a digital version of the 1099 form as well as support for completing the form and filing it.

Tax filing from January is still ongoing reports and many people still use the W2 form to declare any income not received from salaries, tips and wages. The 1099 e-form allows people to do this simply and quickly online, and is made available by Etax1099, who offer comprehensive guidance and assistance as well as the form itself. This gives people an easier, faster way of submitting IRS authorized tax e-files. The website even breaks down which 1099 form individuals need to make the right return.

The website explains the key differences between Form 1099 MISC Filing and the 1099 INT, or the similar but different 1098, as well as how these differences affect whether people need to submit one or more of these files. Digital versions of all of these are available from the site, and once users have selected the one they wish to use, there are comprehensive guidelines on submissions.

The 1099 MISC article for example explains IRS Form 1099 Filing for independent contractors, freelancers and the self employed. The 1099 MISC is a must, but the site also explains what expenses can be written off as work-only, and how to authenticate these for large purchase prices.

A spokesperson for Etax1099 explained, “We aim to provide everything people need to submit their 1099 forms online, and our customer satisfaction surveys show that we have managed to achieve that. Through sharing resources, clear instructions and examples, and great pricing we have been able to create a service that is now an essential part of many independent contractors’ tax seasons. To be able to procure one of these invaluable documents for less than four dollars also makes a real difference to our customers, many of whom still wish to spend more for our enhanced features and services.”

About Etax1099:
Etax1099 is a part of which is an IRS authorized tax e-file service provided by Yakshna Solutions Inc. Yakshna Solutions Inc is a leading filing service provider in the tax industry throughout the US. They offer customized tax filing packages for individuals and Tax Professionals alike, and their digital versions are accepted as legitimate filed returns, making it simpler and easier than ever to handle taxes.

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