Urban Mining PBC Reports on the Proper Disposal of Electronic Devices

Men and women everywhere must know how to properly dispose of electronics to ensure valuable resources aren't destroyed, sensitive information is safeguarded, and more. URMining.com announces

Electronic devices retain value even when they no longer work. However, many individuals simply throw their electronics into the trash can if they stop functioning or become outdated or obsolete. Valuable material is lost when this happens, as the devices contain precious metals that can be recovered and reused along with sensitive information that must be protected. Urban Mining PBC works with private businesses, government organizations, schools, and community organizations to collect these devices and recycle them.

"Precious metals found in electronics include gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, palladium, and platinum. All can be recycled for use in new electronics, automotive parts, jewelry, and more. In addition, plastic components from the devices may be recycled for use in new electronic devices or for other purposes such as making garden furniture. We are here to help individuals and organizations recycle these goods to protect the planet and provide a better future for all," Steven Kaufman, spokesperson for Urban Mining PBC, announces.

Millions of tons of electronic equipment are recycled every year in this country. However, owners need to ensure their personal data is removed from these devices before turning them in for this purpose. This is only one of the many services (https://www.urmining.com/services/) offered by Urban Mining today.

"We also assist with IT asset disposition, impact reporting, and more. When we are contacted regarding our services, we work with the client to determine which will best meet their specific needs. Custom solutions are available. Whether a client wishes to have items refurbished and sold or wants to ensure no carbon footprint is left from the disposal of the assets, we can help," Kaufman continues.

Healthcare providers often come to mind when a person thinks of personal data and how it must be protected. Nevertheless, numerous industries (https://www.urmining.com/industries-served/) benefit from the destruction of data during the electronics recycling program. For example, educational institutions must make certain their data is protected at all times while remaining in compliance with all regulations.

"Our team ensures this is the case, regardless of what industry a person or company is involved in. We recognize the importance of protecting sensitive information from falling in the wrong hands. Contact us today to learn how we can be of assistance to you," Kaufman states.

About Urban Mining PBC:

Urban Mining was born from a commitment to innovate an environmentally responsible solution for the growing global issue of hazardous electronic waste. Founded in 2010, by Navy Veteran Juan Carlos Villatoro, Urban Mining is disrupting the process and repairing the reputation for electronics recycling with a focus on environmental sustainability, transparent downstream management and attention to data security.

With a state of the art electronics recycling facility and a proprietary on-site Innovation Lab, Urban Mining’s mission is to continually minimize the impact of human progress on the earth’s natural resources. The facility, located in Jacksonville Florida, is the state’s only e-Stewards Certified Electronics Recycler.

Urban Mining partners with private businesses, government organizations, schools, and community organizations to collect, recycle and refurbish tons of unwanted e-waste every year. As a Certified Public Benefit Corporation (B. Corp.), Urban Mining maintains the corporate purpose of creating a material positive impact on society and the environment; considering the impact of corporate decisions not only on shareholders but also on workers, community, and the environment.

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