UPXP Leverages Blockchain To Revolutionize The Restaurant Business Industry

Groundbreaking crypto project, UPXP, set to challenge the status quo by giving bridging the gap between restaurant businesses and their clients

It is looking like unprecedented times in the global restaurant industry with the emergency of the first-of-its-kind UPXP crypto project. The unique solution is designed to give power to the major stakeholders in the industry, in this case, restaurant businesses and their clients. The all-inclusive ecosystem features different solutions, including the UPXP token and the UPXP mobile app, to eliminate third-party commissions and the inherent financial burden.

The global restaurant business industry continues to evolve, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market with thousands of brands in different parts of the world. A recent report by Statista put the value of the global foodservice market at $3.5 trillion in 2020, with a projection that the figure will hit $4.2 trillion by 2027. Despite the amazing figures coming out of the industry, the practices of third parties and their commissions have negatively affected the experience of customers and of course, the growth of the market. However, the developers of the UPXP project aim to challenge the status quo by leveraging blockchain technology.

UPXP is designed to revolutionize the current business model between restaurants, their customers, and third parties. The solution removes the point of sale from third parties that have taken advantage of their dominance to influence the industry, consequently, returning one-third of the money saved to their customers in UPXP cryptocurrency while keeping two-thirds to increase their profits.

Restaurant owners enjoy a free professional suite of applications for the effective management of their business activities. The tools in the suite include POS, booking solution, website, CRM, Digital menu, and a host of others. Customers on the other hand earn crypto every time they order food or book a table via the UPXP application, with the restaurant’s POS automatically crediting their wallet with the UPXP token. The delivery guy also enjoys 100% of the fees, ultimately putting more money in the pockets of every stakeholder in the value chain.

The UPXP token, which will be available via airdrop, is designed as a utility rewards token built on the Stellar blockchain, giving restaurants the required visibility on the booking and delivery app while serving as a reward for customers for being a part of the revolutionary ecosystem. As part of the goal of creating a mutually beneficial system, 19% of the total supply will be given to build a strong community.

UPXP Airdrop campaign

About UPXP

UPXP is a breakthrough in the current business model of commissions that have a big impact on the turnover. It will eliminate the financial burden represented by subscriptions and commissions paid by points of sale to intermediaries who bring them customers. UPXP offers all the solutions to the point of sale for free. In exchange, the point of sale will return one-third of the money saved to their customers in UPXP cryptocurrency and keep two-thirds to increase their profits. UPXP will free the point of sale from third parties that take advantage of their dominant position.

For more information about the UPXP project, visit - UPXP. The UPXP project can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Telegram.

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