Upcoming Shopping Season Touted as "Best Season to Buy New Appliances"

As the shopping season approaches, getting a great deal on appliances is possible thanks to the sales and discounts being offered

Each year, millions of people across the country have to invest in either fridge repair or appliance repair. The cost of this repair often exceeds the value of the appliance in question. At some point, investing in an entirely new unit is best, as this provides a viable solution for the present and future.

However, since the purchase of a new appliance is high, it’s crucial to shop at the right time to get the best deal possible. According to several studies, there are specific times during the year when it is possible to purchase major appliances for lower prices than what they cost the remainder of the year.

According to extensive studies, the best times to purchase major appliances include at the end of the month, during holiday weekends, in the late spring, the period between September and November, and the spring or fall.

During the spring and fall individuals should shop for cooling and heating systems. Several companies that offer these items will have minimal business during these times of the year and without extreme weather to cause the need for repairs, customers can receive significant discounts on various units, and the cost of installation.

Even larger discounts are provided on cooling systems during the fall, as most retailers want to clear out their inventory, and the same is true for heating systems in the spring. As fall goes into winter, it’s the ideal time to look into these systems, especially the cooling systems.

Between the months of September and November, consumers can shop for an array of major appliances. There are some appliance manufacturers that are debuting their newest models during these months, which means stores need to clear out the old, to make room for the new. Due to this, most stores offer significant discounts on the previous models, but still provide a full warranty at the discounted prices.

During the latter months of spring consumers should shop for freezers and refrigerators. The only exception to the rule mentioned above is with these appliances, which usually have updated models released in the latter part of spring. Most consumers discover the most likely time for their unit to fail is during the hotter months of the year, and manufacturers and retailers want to have the newest models ready to be sold for summer purchases.

This means that buyers will usually find the best deals on freezers and refrigerators during late April, along with May and the early part of June.

Holiday weekends are another time consumers should shop for an array of appliances such as dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and others. That’s because on holiday weekends, families have time to shop for these home items, and stores are trying to attract more customers. Selling these appliances at 30 percent off or more is much better than not selling them at all. Appliances that seem to be the most popular during a holiday weekend include dishwashers, stoves, ovens, dryers, and washers.

Any weekend with a Monday or Friday federal holiday is going to provide significant discounts and sales. It’s a good idea to look for these sales on Black Friday, Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents Day. Shopping at these times provides the best chance possible to get a great deal on the appliances that are needed.

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