Universal Orlando Employee Fired Over Possession of Gun, Richard Celler Reports

Employee was wrongfully terminated for lawfully storing a gun in his car in a parking lot, according to a legal complaint filed by representing attorney Richard Celler from FloridaOvertimeLawyer.com

A legal complaint was filed on behalf of a concealed carry license holder and employee of Universal Orlando who was wrongfully terminated for legally storing a gun in his car in the parking lot, according to claims made in the court document. The firearm possession was lawful pursuant to Florida Statutes, and the plaintiff now seeks damages in excess of $15,000. Attorney Richard Celler, of Celler Legal P.A.,(http://www.floridaovertimelawyer.com/) filed the legal action on behalf of Mr. Kumanchik in court on February 4, 2016 naming Universal Studios the defendant.

The plaintiff worked as a ride maintenance technician, earning in excess of $30 an hour, and was terminated after reporting the theft of his weapon as required by law.

"The case addresses fundamental rights for people who legally possess firearms. Mr. Kumanchik followed the law to the letter. He stored the gun in the parking lot lawfully and reported its theft as required, yet they released him anyway. The employee did nothing wrong, yet was penalized for it," Richard Celler declares.

During 2014, 88,778 charges were filed by employees for violations including wrongful termination, discrimination, wage theft and other illegal practices. Celler Legal, P.A. focuses on employment law, representing employees, and more can be seen here: https://plus.google.com/+Floridaovertimelawyer/posts. Illegal job loss remains a common reason for these suits being filed, along with sexual harassment claims, unlawful whistleblower retaliation and overtime and wage theft claims.

The plaintiff stored the firearm in his motor vehicle lawfully pursuant to Florida Statute, Section 790.251, according to the complaint. The plaintiff, Mr. Kumanchik, was immediately fired by the defendant for violating workplace policies, the complaint alleges.

Job loss can not only result in lost wages for the individual, but can also humiliate the victim and damage their reputation, according to the firm. The complaint seeks damages for lost wages, lost benefits, lost employment status, humiliation, pain and suffering and other losses.

Richard Celler has recovered more than $100,000,000 over the course of his career as an employment attorney (http://www.floridaovertimelawyer.com/ourpastresults/) for workers across the country in cases involves overtime wages, FMLA claims, illegal employment termination and other cases.

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