United Solar Energy Announces Energy Flexi Plans To Convert More People To Solar

United Solar Energy is a solar installation company based in Melbourne Australia, offering new Energy Flexi Plans to help people make huge savings on their energy bills while investing in Solar.

Australia is known for being a sunny country, and with a huge amount of land relative to the population, as a result solar power is a viable option not just for the national grid but for individuals to use to power their homes. United Solar Energy is a Melbourne based power company offering solar panels and services.

They have now created Energy Flexi Plans (http://www.unitedsolarenergy.com.au/energy-flexi-plans) to help people offset the investment in solar by creating the most energy efficient home powered by the cheapest providers.

These plans currently offer the best value on the Australian solar market - with guaranteed savings. These plans require a $0 deposit, meaning people can have solar panels installed immediately.

United Solar Energy (http://www.unitedsolarenergy.com.au/) don't just install solar panels however - they offer a full service solution including financing where necessary, sourcing cheaper electricity providers for grid power during the transition and low-light period, LED light replacement throughout customers’ homes, and even a Platinum rewards card offering 5% discounts on everyday purchases like groceries, fuel and liquor.

Through these strategies, United Solar claim that the savings made are usually more than the monthly repayments on the solar energy systems themselves, allowing many of their customers to enjoy the service for free or with money in their pocket.

A spokesperson for United Solar Energy explained, “Our Energy Flexi Plans are a revolution in the solar industry. We set ourselves an impossible task - to make customers an offer they couldn’t refuse, that would allow them to purchase our products for little to no real cost relative to their current energy outgoings. With our Energy Flexi Plans we have achieved that, and now customers can benefit from solar conversion for a lifetime without any expensive initial investment up front.”

About United Solar Energy: United Solar Energy is a full service solar energy company based in Melbourne, Australia. Their customers engage with the company to help them lower the cost of powering their home or business. Their exclusive offers and outstanding reputation have made them many customers’ first and only port of call. With peace of mind guaranteed, they stand by their work long after installation, with unparalleled after care.

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