UniSource Solutions Offers New Website to Clients Seeking Call Center Management Solutions

UniSource Solutions announced that it has launched a new website that provides clients with easy access to information about call center management solutions. UniSource is a one-stop online destination for businesses looking for the right software.

As a small- to mid-sized business itself, UniSource understands the specific needs faced by companies that are still in the process of growing. The trained professionals at UniSource understand how to analyze growing companies and to find the appropriate software packages and platforms that are suitable for specific goals and purposes.

The website highlights how UniSource can source an ideal inbound call center software package that helps businesses grow from the ground up. It begins with the right training platform for ensuring that new call agents can get on-board quickly, learning an intuitive system that will guide them through the right protocols to serve customers effectively.

Once agents are ready to go, UniSource Solutions can also ensure the virtual call center software is easy to use, providing advanced scripting capabilities that are easy to navigate, as well as routing functions that easily get customers where they need to go when they phone in.

The solutions available also include advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), which enables agents to efficiently handle each call, from accessing and inputting notes, to transferring calls to other departments when a customer needs further assistance.

UniSource can source affordable and effective solutions that cover both outbound and inbound call center software needs, including autodialing, call queuing, and voice recognition systems. Customers also enjoy recommendations for reliable voicemail services, call recording and monitoring software, and campaign management.

A top benefit to the platforms recommended by UniSource is that many offer cloud-based functionality. This means that solutions are often turn-key and can be launched the same day that they are requested, and are compatible with most computer systems. It also makes the platforms easier to troubleshoot and maintain, and lets companies offer competitive work-from-home solutions to their employees. This can result in significant savings on office resources, and help call centers attract and retain top talent.

The right call center solutions can take a phone-based business to the next level. Companies interested in learning more about UniSource’s offerings can call directly, or visit their newly launched website at www.unisrc.com.

About UniSource Solutions

UniSource Solutions is an experienced call center management referral company. They are staffed by professional consultants with special knowledge and expertise in locating the right call center software for small- and mid-sized businesses.

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