Unique Vanities Reports Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity Isn't Challenging

Numerous factors play a role in determining which vanity is best for the space in terms of aesthetics, fit, and more, UniqueVanities.com announces

Most individuals begin their day in the bathroom and end their day in the same place. However, most men and women look at this room as a functional space and fail to spend time considering the different items in the room. For instance, the vanity serves multiple purposes in this small space, yet gets very little attention in the bigger scheme of things. Homeowners need to take the time to find the right piece, one that fits their budget while enhancing the space. Learn how to find the perfect bathroom vanity with the help of some tips.

Vanities hold frequently used items in the bathroom while providing the foundation for a sink. Due to its size, the vanity serves as a focal point in this room and plays a large role in the overall feel of the space. Fortunately, vanities remain an affordable upgrade for most individuals. Consider updating this item in your bathroom and improve the function and look of this frequently used space.

Fit plays a critical role in how the vanity fits into the overall scheme of the bathroom. People look at the height, width, and depth of the existing vanity when purchasing a new one. Room measurements must be taken into consideration, however, along with the location of the plumbing and overall bathroom layout. All elements must come together for the new vanity to serve its intended purpose.

Homeowners often purchase a vanity only to discover that the plumbing fixtures must be moved to accommodate the larger size. Others measure incorrectly, as they don't understand what the dimensions provided with the vanity actually mean. The swing of the cabinet doors likewise needs to be considered as does the slide of the drawers.

Single sink vanities range in size from 24" wide to 61" wide. In contrast, double vanities come in widths ranging from 48" to 80". Several configurations ensure consumers can find a layout that works in terms of the shelving and sink plumbing. Additionally, vanity tops often extend beyond the width of the cabinet, and buyers must account for this as well.

Upon determining the width needed for the new vanity, owners turn their focus to the height of the cabinet. Most vanities come in heights between 30" and 36", although this number doesn't include the countertop and sink height.

If purchasing a vanity set, consumers must understand the vanity height refers to the distance from the completed countertop to the floor. When buying a vanity cabinet, in contrast, consumers need to add the height of the countertop, as the cabinet height doesn't include this measurement. It only refers to the distance from the cabinet's unfinished edge to the floor. The countertop rests on this unfinished edge and adds to the height.

Choose a vanity height suitable for all family members and guests. Most master bath vanities range in height from 32" to 36", while vanities in bathrooms mainly used by children come with a cabinet height of 30" to make it easier for little ones to access the sink. If help is needed in finding the right vanity for the space, don't hesitate to ask Unique Vanities () for help. The right piece truly adds value to the home.

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