Unique Commercial Air Conditioning Service Agreement Announced by Competion HVAC

Competition HVAC a Canadian company based in Vancouver has released information on their revolutionary service program. The service program has a unique flexible structure and it is designed for companies of all sizes.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure". This statement could never be more applicable than in the commercial
air conditioning service and repair business.

The capital cost of a commercial HVAC system is in the thousands of dollars
and they are installed to provide climate control and creature comfort for
everyone in the building.

Technology is changing everywhere and this is also the case in the world of
air conditioning and heating. An HVAC system is specifically designed for the
environment it services. It is efficient, effective and designed to operate in
a way the minimizes the energy used to operate.

In order to maintain this efficiency it is prudent to have your commercial
HVAC system on some type of Commercial air conditioning service agreement.
This is where Competition HVAC really shines. In almost every case service
agreement contracts will have a three or five year term. At the end of that
time the contracts expire and either terminate or the terms are renegotiated.
Usually, new contracts are more expensive due to rising costs in the Industry; however
this is not the case with service agreements with Competition HVAC.

With Competition HVAC the service agreements can be cancelled with a 30 day
notice. This can be done at any time, no catches or surprises. If however the
service agreement is never cancelled it rolls over every month into a new
monthly service contract.

There are two major advantages to this:

1. You can cancel at anytime for any reason, so you are not locked in.
2. If your air conditioning service agreement rolls over every month into a new monthly service agreeemt
there is never, ever a rate increase.

It is simple to see that the new commercial air conditioning service agreement by Competition HVAC is an exciting introduction to the industry. This flexible service agreement could lower a companies cost of operating their heating and air conditioning. If you are in need of a Commercial air conditioning Vancouver Company Competition HVAC is a good place to start.

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Website: http://www.competitionhvac.com

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