Unblu Launches Express Package For Banks & Insurance Companies During COVID-19

Swiss company, Unblu, has launched a new product to help banks and insurance companies deal with COVID-19 communication issues. It is designed to help institutions connect with customers while maintaining social distancing rules.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much about how banks and insurance companies do business. In-person meetings are no longer possible, making it challenging for these companies to talk to customers. Unblu’s express package is designed to get companies operational within just a week. It provides a powerful tool to allow organizations to communicate and collaborate with customers remotely. This will enable meetings and consultations to continue without the worry of breaking any COVID-19 policies.

A Remote Platform For Secure Communication
The express package brings secure communication to a remote platform for banks and insurance companies. One of the problems many organizations have faced is there wasn’t a secure method of communication. Meetings with clients will involve discussions about private financial information, which needs to be kept safe. Unblu offers the ideal solution to this problem.

Banks need to collaborate with customers and offer meaningful and productive meetings. The problem with face-to-face meetings is they are too dangerous right now. This is why a remote platform like Unblu is so important.

The Need For Expert Advice Is Greater Than Ever
Recent reports suggest that over 50% of consumers estimate their finances will be impacted by this virus for more than four months. In turn, this raises the importance of expert financial advice. People need to get help from professionals!

Both banks and insurance customers need to offer quality customer service at all times. It’s simply not good enough to wait until all of this blows over. By the time that happens, many people can be in dire need of financial help. With Unblu, customers can get the help they need without needing to leave the house.

A Purpose-Built Package
The express package is purpose-built to get businesses operational within just a week. Various tools are included, such as video & voice call, secure messenger, co-browsing, and document sharing. The package takes Unblu’s conversational platform from the Financial Cloud, giving advisor’s the ability to communicate in a more personal and secure manner. All of these tools come together to empower banks and insurance companies, allowing them to deliver excellent customer advice and support - even when a face-to-face meeting is impossible.

About Unblu Software Company
Unblu empowers banks and insurance companies to connect with clients in a more meaningful way. With operations in the US, UK, and Southern/Eastern Europe, Unblu’s platform combines the best of human and high-tech solutions. It allows advisors to have more flexibility, providing a higher level of customer services. Unblu is at the forefront of conversational technology for financial services, continuing to provide a range of solutions that help banks and insurance companies stand out in a competitive market.

More information on Unblu’s express package can be found on the website here: https://www.unblu.com/. Press inquiries should be sent to Javier Puga at javier.puga@unblu.com. Alternative contact methods include phone: +41 61 511 11 50 and direct mail: Centralbahnplatz 10 4051 Basel, Switzerland.

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